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Several Glen Oaks instructors elevated to professor status

Three instructors at Glen Oaks Community College are now tenured Professors. The announcement was made Wednesday at the May Board of Trustees meeting. The changes in status went to Professor of Mathematics Michael Sandelin, Professor of Communications Steve Ryno, and Professor of Psychology Chad Worthington. Each educator passed a four-year probationary period as instructors in their respective fields at Glen Oaks, said Dean of Teaching and Learning Dr. Ana Gaillat.

Dr. Gaillat also introduced Michelle McNamara as the newest member of Glen Oaks full-time faculty. McNamara, a Centreville resident, has served as an annual faculty member and had applied as full-time Instructor of Business/Communications at the college. Also hired as a full-time faculty member, but not present at Wednesday’s meeting, was Dr. Sheryl Louise Smithson. Dr. Smithson, who has previous community college teaching experience in the Toledo, Ohio area, will teach Microbiology at Glen Oaks. Dr. Gaillat said there were over two dozen applicants for each open teaching position. The selection process included a nationwide search, committee review, telephone interviews, on-site interviews, background checks, and interviews by college leadership at Glen Oaks Community College.

Marilyn Wieschowski, CPA, Dean of Finance and Administrative Services, reported Glen Oaks total revenues year-to-date are $9.5 million, representing 82 percent of the annual college budget. This revenue rate, as a percentage of the budget, was approximately 5 percent lower than last year’s revenue at this time. Expenses year-to-date were $9 million, representing 76 percent of the annual budget. She reported Property Tax Revenue was $4.2 million at the end of April, remaining flat compared to the same time last year. State Funds Revenue was $96,000 lower than last year at this time. Tuition Revenue was $3 million through April 2012, down by $125, 000 compared to last year at this time. Fee Revenue was $805,000 through April, or $20,000 below the same time last year. However, many expenses were also lower: Payroll and Fringe Benefits were $6.7 million through April, or $102,000 lower than this time last year. Utilities and Insurance, at $321,000, were $35,000 lower than this time last year. Scholarship expenses, Promotion and Publications, Materials and Supplies, Travel Expenses and Other Operating Expenses were lower. Maintenance and Repairs, which included numerous updates to facilities, were $355,000 through April for an increase of $16,000 compared the same time last year.

Dr. Gary Wheeler, President of Glen Oaks, said he was pleased to inform the Trustees of GOCC Nursing report approval from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and the Bureau of Health Professions in particular, for the coming year. “The Nursing faculty and staff report involves extensive documentation each year to the State of Michigan. This surely will stand them in good stead for continued national accreditation. This is a stellar program at Glen Oaks and our thanks go to all involved for presenting the case for ongoing recognition and licensing,” said Dr. Wheeler.

In other action:

  • The Board agreed to revise wording in the Ernest Graham Scholarship noting “Glen Oaks Board of
    Trustees” to “Glen Oaks Foundation.” Janene Breneman, Executive Director of the Glen Oaks
    Foundation, said the change was requested because most scholarships are approved by the Foundation
    Board and not the College Board of Trustees.
  • The Board suggested reviewing the sound system used at the annual graduation program. Trustee Jim
    Mosier said some people in the audience had difficulty hearing the graduation speakers. Marilyn
    Wieschowski said her staff will look into correcting the problem.
  • The Board suggested that the Board Nominating Committee work with Faculty Senate representatives
    to host a meeting with future candidates for the Glen Oaks Board of Trustees. Trustee Ruth Perry said
    the Faculty Senate were a part of the orientation in the past and helped her greatly when she joined the
    Glen Oaks Board.