Student Concern Procedure Policy

Informal Process

  1. Listen to students talk about their problems. Most student concerns can be resolved informally. Students will discuss their concerns with faculty or staff that they know well. Often this means listening to students vent about their concerns.
  2. Propose the mediation process to students. After the venting has taken place, there might be an opportunity to talk about the mediation process as a way to get to a win-win solution.
  3. Encourage students to talk with the person to whom the concern is directed. We should encourage students to resolve concerns with the person with whom they have the conflict. Discussion between both parties can often resolve the conflict. The possibility of resolving the conflict increases if the process of mediation can be used.

If the conflict is not resolved, students should refer to the Formal Process.

Formal Process

The Dean of Academics & Extended Learning will review the Student Concern Report. Based upon the nature of the concern, the Dean of Teaching & Learning will determine how the concern should be handled.

Students wishing to file a formal complaint against an instructor may report the concern at or by clicking the Report a Concern button at Select the form entitled General Complaint or Request for Assistance Form and provide as much information and/or documentation as necessary.

Based upon the nature of the concern, the Dean of Academic Services and/or Vice President of Academics will determine how the concern shall be handled and will render a judgment if applicable.

If the student wants to appeal the decision of the Dean of Academic Services and/or the Vice President of Academics, the student may submit a written appeal to the Academics Office and the appeal will be forwarded to an Appeal Committee.

Appeal Committee

A special Appeal Committee will be formed to review the appeal and render a judgment. Possible members of this Appeal Committee include the President of the Faculty Senate or other faculty member, the Dean of Academic Services and/or the Vice President of Academic Services (if not the decision maker in the original outcome), and the President of Glen Oaks.

Adopted by Board of Trustees January 12, 2000, revised February 9, 2000, title updates made 2012, 9/17/14