Academic Advising/Counseling

Students enrolling in Glen Oaks Community College for the first time in the 15/Fall semester or later will be assigned an adviser to work with them personally to achieve their goals. All students who attend Glen Oaks will benefit greatly from working with a professional in our Academic Advising unit to insure that they have developed a clear academic plan and are on track for reaching their goals. Our Advisers and Counselors are available to provide accurate, up to date course information and will assist students in developing a schedule that will take into account all of their responsibilities both in, and out of college. Career guidance is also available. Advisers and Counselors are also prepared to assist students who need additional support to reach appropriate community resources.

Students entering Glen Oaks with the intent to transfer must consult with a Glen Oaks Adviser in planning their educational program. Through academic advising, students receive assistance with class selection, transfer information, graduation requirements, and career information. This process enables students to make better decisions to meet individual goals.

New students are required to either take the Compass assessment or provide documentation of having achieved the minimum required score on the ACT or the SAT1 assessment. Assessment results will be interpreted by Advisers and used to help in selecting courses.

Students will benefit by working with Advisers/Counselors in the following areas:

Advising medium
  • Academic Planning
  • Campus Resource Referral
  • Career Counseling
  • Course Selection
  • Dropping/Adding Classes
  • Certificate Degree Requirements
  • Program of Study Exploration
  • Registration
  • Goal Setting

Some student populations such as dual enrolled and high school guest students, international students, special populations students, students with disabilities, and veterans may be required to meet with an Adviser or Counselor in order to receive special services.

Curriculum guides for degrees and certificates are available in the Student Services Office and here on the website. These guides will be helpful as students make progress towards their academic goals, but should not be considered a substitute for personal contact with an Adviser or Counselor.

Virtual Advising

“Virtual Advising” is a new service offered through Glen Oak’s Advising department. Virtual Advising is a way for potential or currently enrolled eligible students to meet with an advisor through Room Zoom technology if they are off campus and unable to do so in person.

For more information contact Karen Webber via our Contact Form or by phone 269-294-4241 or toll free 1-888-994-7819.

Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Glen Oaks Community College is very serious about providing access and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Career Counseling

The goal of career counseling is to help students choose an initial career or make a career change. Our Career Counselor provides individual counseling and is available to enable students to take control of their lives, to give them support in
transition, and to explore their own needs and goals in a search for greater fulfillment. In addition, assistance with resume writing and interviewing techniques are also available. The Glen Oaks Community College Career Counselors can assist students with:

Career Counseling medium
  • Career Assessment
  • Career Planning
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Resume Writing