Student Success Program​​​​​​

The Occupational Student Success Program is open to all Special Population students. Students who are eligible to participate in the Occupational Student Success Program may be eligible for supplemental financial support to pay for any tuition, fees or books not covered by free financial aid and to pay for costs associated with childcare.

Student wanting to be considered for financial benefits must complete the application process, complete and submit a FAFSA, and provide any additional, required documentation as requested. Applications are only available through the OSSP office.

Emergency transportation vouchers and bus passes are also available to OSSP participants. Once students complete the OSSP program application process they are encouraged to talk with the Student Support Specialist about available financial services.

To recap, students who participate in the Occupational Student Success Program may be eligible for:

  • Financial Assistance for Tuition, Books, & Fees
  • Special Equipment
  • Financial Assistance for Childcare
  • Emergency Transportation Assistance
  • Academic Advising
  • Personal & Career Counseling
  • Career Exploration
  • Referral Services
  • Registration & Admissions Support
  • Peer Support
  • Tutoring

A comprehensive list of possible accommodations for students with disabilities is available upon request. Students requesting consideration for accommodations must provide appropriate documentation and meet with the Disability Support Counselor.

Special Population Students
A Special Population student is a person who, through a formal assessment, has been deemed as being one of the following:

Single Parent, Including Single Pregnant Woman – An individual who:

  • Is unmarried or separated from a spouse, and has a minor child or children for which the parent has either custody or joint custody.
  • Is unmarried or separated from a spouse and is pregnant.

Displaced Homemaker – An individual who is under-employed or unemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining employment or upgrading employment AND:

  • Has worked primarily without remuneration to care for a home and family, and for that reason has diminished marketable skills; or
  • Has been dependent upon the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income; or
  • Is a parent whose youngest dependent child will become ineligible to receive assistance under Part A of the Title IV of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C 601 et seq.) not later than two (2) years after the date on which the parent applies for assistance this Title.

Economically Disadvantaged – An individual from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children. This individual must be one or more of the following:

  • A Pell grant recipient or recipient of some other form of financial assistance,
  • A migrant, and /or
  • Referred by faculty or staff as requiring support services to succeed.

Non-Traditional Training and Employment Participate – An individual enrolled in an occupational program that is considered non-traditional for his/her gender as determined by National Labor Statistics and State Year-End Program enrollment data. These occupations or fields of work generally include careers in computer science, technology, and other emerging high skill occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than twenty five (25)%) percent of the individuals employed in each occupation or field of work.

Individual with a Disability – A person having any of the disabilities as in Section 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If you qualify for services through the Occupational Student Success Program, you may qualify for supplemental funding to pay for tuition, books, fees, and childcare. All applicants who are eligible for Occupational Student Success Program services must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be able to demonstrate need according to Carl D. Perkins guidelines. If you think you qualify for services, stop by the Student Services office to pick up an Occupational Student Success Program brochure or contact Karen Webber at (269) 294-4241 or via our Contact Form.


Occupational Student Success
Program Childcare Scholarship Opportunity

Financial Assistance to Pay Cost
Associated with Childcare for Parenting Students

APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE FOR Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Semesters!!!

Students participating in the Occupational Student Success Program at Glen Oaks Community College who have children that require childcare while in attending classes may apply for MSPCC Scholarship. The MSPCC Scholarship is designed to help pay for the cost of childcare for eligible parenting students.

Childcare Scholarship FAQ’s

  • All applicants must be enrolled in a n approved occupational degree or certificate program , or be enrolled in a non-degree program with a defined occupational objective (i.e. completing prerequisites for entrance into the nursing program) at Glen Oaks Community College.
  • All applicants must be the parent(s)/legal guardian of a child(ren) enrolled at, and incur child care expenses from an approved childcare provider. All applicants must be Pell eligible. This demonstrates financial need for this subsidy.
  • All applicants must have submitted a 2017/18 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens and permanent residents. If you are neither a citizen, nor eligible non- citizen, you are not eligible for this federally funded subsidy program.
  • All applicants must utilize child care services because they are single or have a spouse/domestic partner who is either a student, employed/looking for employment outside the home (for a minimum of 30 hours per week) or disabled. You may be asked to document your spouse/partner’s student status, employment, or disability.
Submit a completed Carl D. Perkins Child Care Application.

Along with the application, please include:

  • A copy or proof of your completed 2017/18 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ; and
  • A copy or proof of your 2016 Federal 1040, 1040 A or 1040 EZ federal tax form or proof of other income sources
  • If you are a Department of Human Services (DHS) or Work First child care subsidy recipient, include the most recent documentation received from DHS or Work First . If you do not receive funding from DHS or Work First, pleas e apply for childcare assistance at your area Department of Human Services. Include the decision notice from DHS with your application for verification.
  • The scholarship program operates on a percentage basis.
  • Families awarded the scholarship will not receive reimbursement for childcare payments. All funding is paid directly to the childcare provider.
  • All scholarship recipients may be required to pay a small co-pay to cover the total amount charged by their childcare provider.
  • Families, who have an overdue balance with their current childcare center, will NOT be awarded a subsidy until the overdue amount is paid.
  • Loss of funding from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Making false statements or reporting untrue circumstances.
  • Withdrawal from all classes at any time during the semester.
  • Withdrawal from Glen Oaks Community College.
  • Failure to pay your co-pay.
  • Withdrawal of your child from your child care center.
  • Upon graduation from Glen Oaks Community College.
Application Deadline:
Fall 2017 Semester: September 15, 2017
Winter 2018 Semester: January 19, 2018

Submit application requests by fax, mail, Contact Form, or in person to:

Karen WebberStudent Support Specialist

Glen Oaks Community College
62249 Shimmel Road
Centreville, MI 49032
Phone (269) 294-4241
Fax (269) 467-9068
Toll free 1-888-994-7818

Fall 2017 Awards: on or before September 29, 2017
Winter 2018 Awards: on or before January 26, 2018
  • Applications are reviewed by the Student Support Specialist.
  • Financial information on each applicant is obtained from Glen Oaks Community College Student Financial Assistance Office, based upon FAFSA information.
  • Factors taken into account when deciding awards include, but are not limited to the expected family contribution, annual income, number of credits you are enrolled in, number of children, amount of childcare expenses and time required to complete your degree or certificate.
  • Student families are contacted through traditional mail, email or by phone of the status of their application.
  • Award letters, detailing the scholarship amount, amount of your co- pay, time period covered, and the responsibilities of the scholarship recipients, are mailed to the student family.
Students are required to notify the Student Support Specialist of any changes in their family situation within ten (10) days.
Yes. The Carl D. Perkins MSPCC Scholarship program would like to help support student parents by providing child- rearing and family information to help them succeed and strengthen parenting skills. The Student Support Specialist will provide resources, arrange workshops and lead discussion groups for parents on a semester basis. Any additional activities or opportunities will be announced through an email communication each semester.

Student parents are asked to complete regular program evaluations. This is essential for continued federal funding of the program.
Funding made available through the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement (Perkins II) Act and Glen Oaks Community College


Printable Childcare Scholarship Application (PDF)

Occupational Student Success Program
Michigan Special Populations Grant
Application Guidelines


    1. You must be enrolled in an approved occupational program or course(s)
    2. You must fit one of the following categories: Single Parent, including single pregnant women, displaced homemaker, non-traditional training and employment participant, economically disadvantaged, academically disadvantaged, and individual with a disability or individual with limited English proficiency.
    3. You are required to apply for federal financial aid
    4. Grants are based on availability of funds. According to federal guidelines, those with the greatest need will be given priority.
    5. Academic progress eligibility requires that students successfully complete 75% of registered classes with a 2.0 GPA or higher to receive the grant.
    6. All applicants must have completed an Accuplacer test, provided ACT scores and/or the FOCUS II career assessment may be required.
    7. According to Federal guidelines, those with the greatest financial need will be given priority


DEADLINE: Please contact the Occupational Student Success Program staff for funding deadlines at (269)294-4241

Return the application with supporting documentation to the Student Services Office

To ensure successful funding please answer all questions as completely as possible. The more complete the information the better your chances of receiving funding.

Printable Michigan Special Populations Grant Application (PDF)


Meet Your Disability Support Counselor

Glen Oaks Community College
62249 Shimmel Road
Centreville, MI 49032
Phone (269) 294-4241
Fax (269) 467-9068
Toll free 1-888-994-7818
Karen Webber
Karen WebberStudent Support Specialist

I graduated from Glen Oaks Community College with an Associate of Arts. I attended Glen Oaks as a single parent student and experienced the difficulty of juggling many different responsibilities while attending college. Glen Oaks’ staff provided the support I needed to manage personal responsibilities and complete my degree.

Once I found employment in my chosen field, I returned to college to complete a Bachelor of Arts at Spring Arbor University and recently completed a Master of Social Work at Western Michigan University.

Glen Oaks mission “Transforming Lives and Advancing Communities” became evident in my life. Through counseling support, excellent instructors, and a supportive Glen Oaks’ student community, I was able to plan and complete my academic goals.

Although my training is in the profession of social work, I now work as the Student Support Specialist/Single Parent Coordinator at Glen Oaks. Through hard work and perseverance my lifework has become meaningful and satisfying, bringing me full circle to the place I began. I believe education opens possibilities in one’s life and feel my experience is a testimony to the life changing power of education.

My experience has also allowed me to develop a reliable understanding of the resources available to support single parents and other populations of students who are endeavoring to complete their academic goals. I strive to help students by encouraging them to explore their personal strengths and by linking them with information and resources that may prove helpful while attending classes at Glen Oaks. My personal mission is to improve access and opportunity to everyone who chooses to pursue their education.

I value education and service. I personally believe that knowledge is power and through education, each student can build on his or her strengths to reach a personal best.

I am available to assist students through assessment, linking or connecting to internal or external services, and academic advising. Call or email me to schedule an initial appointment and together, we will explore certificate and degree choices that meet your career goals.


Glen Oaks Community College is an equal opportunity institution and adheres to a policy that no qualified person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status or disability in any program or activity for which it is responsible.