Dual Enrollment, CTE and Early/Middle College


Multiple male and female Duel Enrolled high school students working at computers in a computer lab at Bronson High School.

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Dual Enrollment

Also known as the Postsecondary Options Act, gives high school students in public schools or state-approved non-public schools the opportunity to enroll in college courses while attending high school.
When all criteria identified by the state are met, the student’s college tuition, applicable fees, and textbook costs may be paid by the school district.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

These courses that have been evaluated and approved for GOCC credit by GOCC. Students must submit a Certificate of Competency from the ISD to the Records and registration Office at GOCC.

The programs included typically are centered around trades or healthecare programs. (i.e. Welding, Automotive, Medical Occupantions)

Early/Middle College

The St. Joseph County Early/Middle College (EMC) Program provides high school students a rigorous opportunity to receive a high school diploma in addition to one of the following: an occupational certificate, an associate degree, or up to two years of credit toward a bachelor’s degree. Students enrolled in EMC attend an additional year (13th grade) to complete both high school and college program requirements.


For each program, students will first need approval from their high school as well as have qualifying test scores for courses (is applicable).

Students do have the option to take courses and pay on their own, provided a parent/guardian and a GOCC advisor have given permission. At this point they are considered a High School Guest.





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Please contact the Admissions Office for more information on Dual Enrollment at 269-294-4253. Early/Middle College inquiries can be directed to Anita Lopez-Schlabach at 269-294-4234.