Glen Oaks NOW! Registration Checklist


The Glen Oaks NOW! program is for high school students qualified to take college courses while enrolled in high school. The student’s high school pays for all, or a portion of, the tuition, fees, and textbook costs. The student pays for any costs not covered by the high school.

  1. Visit with a high school guidance counselor to determine eligibility for the dual enrollment program.
  2. Complete a Glen Oaks NOW! application available in the high school guidance office, the Glen Oaks Student Services Office, or online at
  3. The application must be signed by the student. If the student is under the age of 18, the application must also be signed by a parent or guardian.
  4. The application must be signed by the high school principal to indicate approval of classes and payment.
  5. The student must test out of the “basic” or“ developmental” levels of English and Math before being permitted to participate in Dual Enrollment. The student will need to sign up and take the Compass Placement Test or submit PLAN, ACT, or SAT scores.*
    *The placement evaluation can be waived with an ACT Reading and English scores of 19 or greater, ACT Math scores of 23 or greater; SAT Verbal scores of 450 or greater, or SAT Math scores of 560 or greater.

  7. To be registered for classes, the completed application, with all signatures, must be sent to the Glen Oaks Admissions Office with a copy of the student’s high school transcript and/or test scores.
  8. Prior to registration, students must attend a Glen Oaks NOW! Orientation or complete the online orientation at Click on Admissions and then Dual Enrollment to access the orientation. Orientation is mandatory; students will not be registered until they have completed orientation.
  9. A Schedule/Invoice will be mailed to the student for confirmation of classes.
  10. The Admissions Office will complete the student’s initial registration. If students choose to add, drop, or alter their schedules, it is their responsibility to log into their GO-Zone account to make the necessary changes. Students may also complete a Change of Schedule form in their guidance office. No changes should be made without the high school counselor’s and principal’s approval.
  11. Textbooks are considered an “eligible charge” for dual enrollment. Please contact your high school guidance office to determine the method in which you should purchase textbooks. Call (269) 467-9945 extension 240 for assistance or visit the Bookstore’s web page, for textbook costs.


Contact the Glen Oaks Community College Admissions Office at 269-294-4253 with any questions.