How to login to my
Go-Zone/Check my GOCC email


Accessing Your GO-Zone Account

STEP 1: Go to our website,, and click on the portal, “GO-Zone”.

STEP 2: Enter your user ID which is your 1st initial, last name, and last 3 digits of your student ID number (located on your schedule or acceptance letter). This user ID will never change!

(Example: Jane S. Doe, ID# 0012345 = jdoe345)

STEP 3: Enter your password. If this is your first time to log in, your initial password will be your last name (1st letter capitalized), exclamation point, and your full 7-digit student ID number.

(Example: Jane S. Doe, ID# 0012345=Doe!0012345).

STEP 4: Click on Log On. You will be asked to enter your user ID and password again and to set up a new password of 8 characters with at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character from this list: ! # $ % ^* ( ) ‘ , . / [ ]

On the Go-Zone home page you’ll see College Announcements and check your Student Email. Also check out links to campus services, student services, and faculty web pages…and much, much more!

Within the GO-Zone use the Web Advisor area to access the following:

  • Grades (Student Academic Profile tab)
  • Unofficial transcripts (Student Academic Profile tab)
  • Class schedules (Student Academic Profile tab)
  • Course registration (Registration tab)
  • Financial aid information (Financial Aid tab)
  • Student account summary (Student Payment Information tab)
  • Payment information-listed as e-cashier (Student Information tab)
  • Documents that have been received or need to be submitted (Document Status)

STEP 5: When finished, click on SIGN OUT to exit the portal.