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Degree selection is traditionally based on a person’s career or employment goals. Selecting a degree can be a difficult task if you are uncertain what you would like to accomplish or what type of work you find interesting and meaningful. Aspirations are good indicators of what is important, but aspirations can be overwhelming and confusing when trying to tie them to a specific career pathway.

It takes time and effort to identify, sort and organize plans to obtain your aspirations and career dreams. Taking advantage of every opportunity available to you is the first step in gaining the necessary knowledge to create a plan or successful career pathway. The Career Counselor is available to provide advising, guidance, and testing support to assist with career clarification and choice.

Career planning can be thought of as a journey with many interesting stops along the way. But as with any successful journey, there needs to be a map to follow to reach the journey’s goal.

The tools available to you to develop a career pathway plan at Glen Oaks’ include Focus 2 Career Inventory and Meyers & Briggs Personality Assessment (MBTI.) Both have been selected to help you examine your interests and as supplemental guides through the steps necessary to develop your personal navigation system.

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Once you become a student at Glen Oaks’ you will have a GOCC email. Your email is required to create a profile in Focus 2 Career Inventory. When you are ready to begin the assessments in the Focus 2 Career Inventory, there is a workbook designed to complement the Focus 2 Career Inventory experience. The workbook is also a good way to organize your thoughts as work. Contact the Career Counselor, Karen Webber, via our Contact Form or stop by Student Services to pick-up a booklet.

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After completing each of the Focus 2 Career Inventory assessments you may develop a plan by building the suggested portfolio. It would also be beneficial to call or email the Career Counselor to schedule an appointment to discuss your assessment results and how they may translate into academic and career success for you!

If you do not have the information you need to make a clear, concise decision about a career pathway after completing each of the Focus 2 inventories, the next step is to contact the Career Counselor to discuss scheduling the Myer Briggs Career Inventory (MBTI). The MBTI is a more in-depth assessment and the results may provide greater insight into your career preferences.

Remember, you have access to your assigned advisor, faculty, Glen Oaks’ Success Coaches and supplemental program staff including Disability Support Services, the Occupational Student Success Program, Student Success Program, Trio and Veteran’s Services. Each of these programs and services are reliable resources to help with you journey as you gather the information you need to choose a meaningful career pathway.

The Career Counselor also has additional information related to careers including resume creation, interviewing, networking, desirable skills for the workplace, and appropriate dress.

The Career Counselor works with other community partners to serve Glen Oaks’ students.
Check out our Glen Oaks’ Career Partners & Services page to discover other available resources.