Student Clubs/Organizations

As a college, we understand that student success is not solely defined by academic achievement. Through student clubs and organizations, you can find your own niche on campus, connect with students beyond the classroom or your academic program, and develop your leadership potential by engaging in your college community.

To become a member of a current club or organization, please contact the club advisor from the list below. If you would like to start a new club/organization on campus, you must find at least six students and a full-time faculty or staff member to sponsor your organization. Then, complete the Student Club Application and submit to Tonya Howden, Dean of Students, in the Student Services Office. Application materials can be found in the Student Club Handbook.

Handbook for Student Clubs (PDF)

Agriculture Club

The purpose of the Ag Club is to bring students together who have an interest in agriculture and in promoting sustainable agriculture within our community. The club is open to any GOCC student with an interest in agriculture. For more information, please contact club sponsors, Diane Zinsmaster or Mark Trowbridge via our Contact Form.

Allied Health Club

Promotes the medical profession by participation in college life, modeling professionalism in all endeavors, and seeking to contribute to the health of the community. Club members are encouraged to develop the technical, critical thinking and networking skills for the medical workplace. Students will hold fundraising activities that support the students, staff, and faculty of GOCC through acts of philanthropy.
Interested students may contact Carol Naccarato at 269-294-4332 or via our Contact Form.

Bible Fellowship

The purpose of the Bible Fellowship is for students to come together to discuss and build faith. The club is open to any current GOCC student. For more information, contact Steve Ryno at 269-294-4352 or via our Contact Form.

Computer Gaming Club

The purpose of this club is to promote interest in computer gaming and its benefits to math, reading, critical thinking, and social skills. The club is open to any GOCC students, faculty, or staff. For questions or more information, contact Kevin Connor at 269-294-4218 or via our Contact Form.

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club provides community outreach and implementation for students with an interest in the criminal justice field. Contact Dr. Pat Morgenstern at 269-294-4247 or via the Contact Form for further information.

EMC Student Club

The Early/Middle College (EMC) Student Club is open to current EMC students. The club connects EMC cohorts by providing social activities, academic support, and networking opportunities to ensure student success and program completion. Interested EMC students should contact Anita Schlabach at 269-294-4234 or via our Contact Form.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an organization whose sole purpose is to recognize as well as promote scholarship and community outreach. Phi Theta Kappa is a wonderful opportunity for Glen Oaks students to give back and become active members of our campus. PTK is always looking for new members, please contact Ben Fries at 269-294-4271 or via our Contact Form with any further questions.

Residence Hall Association

The purpose of the RHA is to empower residents of the Devier Student Suites to get involved in their on-campus community. The association is open to any current housing residents. For more information, contact April Yost at 269-294-4252 or send a message to Student Housing via our Contact Form.

Science Club

Science Club promotes the sharing and exchanging of ideas and talents in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. The club is open to any current GOCC students. For more information, contact Dr. Maria Rodriguez or Professor Jeffery Hucko via our Contact Form.

Student Dialogue: Discussion of Current Events

The purpose of this club is to discuss current events in media/news. All current students are welcome to join the discussion group. For more information, contact Sarah Simmons at 269-294-4207 or via our Contact Form.

Student Government

Organized to achieve student input and to sponsor events to benefit students. Consults with college administration, may serve on college committees, and coordinates co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Interested students may contact Ben Fries at 269-294-4271 or via our Contact Form.

Visual Arts Club

The purpose of this club is to promote the arts at Glen Oaks Community College. The club is open to any students with a genuine interest in art. For questions or more information, please contact Michael Northrup at 269-294-4277 or via our Contact Form.

Welding Club

The Welding Club brings students together who share an interest in welding and allows an opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate to create new ideas and projects. The club also gives students an avenue to demonstrate skills and display work. The club is open to any current welding students. Interested students should contact Alyse Gordon at 269-294-4214 or via our Contact Form.