Sturgis Bank and Trust Business Scholarship*


The Sturgis Bank & Trust Business Scholarship was created by the Bank Board and management of Sturgis Bank & Trust Company. The Sturgis Bank & Trust’s goal in establishing this scholarship is to assist bright minds that need the finishing touches which Glen Oaks can provide. Sturgis Bank & Trust believes economic development is one of the most vital roles a financial institution can fill in our community. Economic development can only be accomplished with motivated and well educated community members. Sturgis Bank & Trust wishes to promote successful businesses and skilled employees.

Glen Oaks plays a vital role in the development of human capital. Human capital is a major component of any successful economic enterprise. Many companies, rich in resources, but lacking in talented people to run them, fail.

Glen Oaks also provides on-going support for businesses that need to refresh their existing employees or prepare new employees to handle the rigor of our modern economy. Sturgis Bank & Trust Company has many Glen Oaks graduates employed. They encourage their employees to make education a lifelong endeavor. Glen Oaks provides easy access to many wonderful venues of education. Sturgis Bank & Trust is interested in supporting students that wish to enter the business world. The goal of this scholarship is to assist recipients with the opportunity to achieve greatness. The more obstacles that can be remove from the pathway to higher education, the more successful
our communities will become.

This scholarship is to be awarded to talented students committed to Business who plan to complete a two-year degree, or a qualified certificate program at Glen Oaks Community College.


  • Student pursuing a business or financial career
  • Business major
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours or more)
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA

Preference: GOCC Service Area

Selection Criteria:

  • Academic ability, financial circumstances and career goals will be taken in consideration in selecting the recipients.

Maintenance Criteria:

  • The recipients of the Sturgis Bank & Trust Scholarship will be expected to maintain a semester GPA of at least 3.0 while receiving the scholarship.

Selection Process:

  • Students will be selected by the GOCC Foundation Scholarship Committee based upon the above criteria.


  • The scholarship may be applied to all education related expenses.

Amount and Number of Awards:

  • There shall be no limit on the number or amount of said scholarships provided the principal is not utilized.
  • Must reapply


The Office of Financial Aid will disburse the scholarship according to the standard school policy.

If, at any time, the College Foundation policies and procedures in effect for the administration of award and scholarship funds are changed, these provisions are automatically modified to conform.

The fund is now endowed as of October 16, 2007.

Whenever it appears that changing conditions make this plan no longer applicable, practical, or suited to the general purposes stated above, the College Foundation would confer with the donor or their representative to secure a modification of the plan. If the Foundation is unable to locate the donor or their representative after reasonable efforts, then the Foundation is authorized to utilize the fund for any other suitable educational
purpose, so that the fund will provide the maximum service to the community through the advancement of higher education.