Eric Eishen and David Devier standing front of Glen Oaks entrance.

Sturgis Bank and Trust Company donates $45,000 to Glen Oaks Community College

Sturgis Bank and Trust Company has donated $45,000 to Glen Oaks Community College to be used toward the cost of a new high-tech digital entrance sign for the college.

“We are very appreciative of the bank’s support of the college,” said Dr. David Devier, president at Glen Oaks. “We have recently made a lot of changes at the college in terms of offerings and delivery of classes to better serve today’s students. The sign is a reflection of these changes and is indicative that we are moving forward to meet the needs of the communities in St. Joseph County and beyond.”

“Our existing sign has been in place since the early 1990’s,” said Devier. “We have been working with a vendor to create an entrance sign design that features digital messaging along with a refreshed look.”

“Glen Oaks is a big part of this community,” said Eric Eishen, president, Sturgis Bank and Trust Company. “We are lucky to have accessible, quality education right here in St. Joseph County, not only for the benefit of the students who want to pursue their education, but also for the businesses and employers in the community who hire graduates and train their existing employees.”

The sign will be nearly twelve feet wide, and will stand over 18 feet high. A seven foot stone-masonry base will house a limestone pre-case insert with the text in bronze: Provided in Part By Sturgis Bank and Trust Company. The base will support a 4 by 10 foot digital-lit screen for the college to share messages about events, activities and promotions at the college.

“We have worked out agreements to include our educational partners — Trine University and Goshen College — in our digital messaging,” said Devier. “These agreements will result in a positive revenue stream for the college over time.”

Glen Oaks representatives worked with Sign Art, of Kalamazoo, on development of the design for the new sign and structure. Work began on the foundation for the base of the sign last week, and the entire project is expected to be complete by the end of July.