Jeremy M. Gooch holding Swartz award.

Swartz Scholarship awarded to GOCC’s Jeremy M. Gooch

Jeremy M. Gooch, of Sturgis, Michigan, has been awarded the Professor Emeritus B. Swartz Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics.

Gooch graduated with an Associate of General Studies degree during Glen Oaks graduation ceremony in early May. He plans to attend a private college to finish his four-year degree in electrical engineering and someday work in designing and constructing robots.

A home schooled student, Gooch entered the U.S. Marines upon receiving his high school diploma. While in the service, Gooch spent four years in administration and four years as a helicopter mechanic working on attack and utility helicopters.

Gooch served as the secretary to Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for two-year colleges. During his time at Glen Oaks he also served as a tutor in the college’s Tutoring and Testing Center. He is an avid reader and enjoys running in his spare time.

The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a Glen Oaks student with an outstanding record in mathematics courses. Gooch was recommended for the scholarship by Glen Oaks mathematics instructors.

Under terms of the scholarship created through a donation by Mr. Bernard Swartz, a former professor of mathematics at Glen Oaks Community College, the student must be transferring to a four-year university after graduating from Glen Oaks. The scholarship is intended to assist a student with educational expenses at a four-year institution.