Get Emergency Alerts and other Campus Information sent as text messages to your cell phone or email.

Welcome to our new text alert system. You may have noticed some differences between our old system and the new one:

  1. First, if you were signed up for the old system, it does not mean that you are automatically enrolled in the new one, so please take the time to get enrolled if you are not already.
  2. Second, we now only have two (2) groups.

If you check the box for the Mobile Text Alerts system’s General Announcements group, you will receive messages about school closures, campus events, bookstore notices, etc. If you want to receive notifications about class cancellations as well, just check that box in addition to the general announcements.

*NoteYour email address/phone number is not required. If you wish to receive alerts via text only, please just include your phone number. If you would rather receive alerts via email, you just need to provide your email address. If you provide information for both of these fields, you will receive messages via email and text.