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As you may have heard by now, due to improvements being done to our computer network, access to the Go-Zone has been interrupted. As this is a major inconvenience for many of the Glen Oaks family, this page has been created to help you locate the same links and services previously available to you through the Go-Zone.

Single Sign-On

In an effort to make signing into our different systems as easy as possible, Glen Oaks utilizes a Single Sign-On system. This means that you can use one username and password to access all of your Glen Oaks accounts, such as Canvas, WebAdvisor, and email.

Existing WebAdvisor users: use your WebAdvisor user name and password.
Be advised: if you haven’t updated your password recently you will be required to change it.

New users: Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name and the last three digits of your College ID# (all lower-case, no spaces). For example, if your name is John Smith and your College ID# is 0054321, then your user name would be jsmith321.

John Smith 0054321 = jsmith321


Your initial password follows similar rules. It is also determined by your last name and College ID#. Initially, your password would be your last name (first letter is capitalized) followed by an exclamation point (!) and then your full College ID#. So returning to the previous example of John Smith 0054321, John’s initial password would be Smith!0054321. As your initial password is not secure, it will need to be changed upon getting logged into WebAdvisor.

John Smith + ! + 0054321 = Smith!0054321


WebAdvisor section in the Go-Zone



Follow the link to WebAdvisor to access the Registration, Academic Profile, Student Payment Information, Document Status, Financial Aid, and Academic Planning areas.



Password Reset Area
Although resetting your password must be done through WebAdvisor, locating the area can be difficult if your not familiar with using WebAdvisor outside of the Go-Zone. Because of this, we have provided a direct link to the Password Reset area within WebAdvisor.
Password Reset Instructions
Step-by-step instructions on how to change your password. (This password change will affect your, Canvas, and WebAdvisor password)



We are using Canvas as our learning platform for Distance Learning classes. For more information on accessing and using Canvas, please visit the Canvas section on our Distance Learning page.

Your Viking Email

Previously, your only option for logging into your email account was to login through the Go-Zone. As this is currently no longer an option, we have made the ability to login to your email account directly through Gmail available to you.

Access Your Student Email Account through Gmail

When logging into your email account, please remember that you have to use your entire email address (i.e. to login, not just your username (jsmith123).

Class Cancellations and Notifications

Many individuals utilized the Go-Zone in order to receive the most up-to-date announcements, notifications, and class cancellations. To continue in our tradition of keeping you current in the goings-on here at Glen Oaks, we now have a Class Cancellations and Notifications page you can visit in order to remain in the know.


Our Forms section is your new one-stop area for all forms previously available to you through the Go-Zone. (All forms are also available in hard copy form in the Student Services office)


Transfer Toolbox

Check to see if your credits transfer!

The Michigan Transfer Network can help you determine if a course will transfer to most 4-year institutions in Michigan.

You can search by:

Receiving (To) Institution” – Start with the college or university you’re thinking about transferring to. Choose a course that is required for that institution’s degree. Then, choose Glen Oaks for the “transferring institution” to see which Glen Oaks class would transfer in for that class. If Glen Oaks is not an available option on the drop down menu, then Glen Oaks currently does not offer a class that will transfer for that class at that specific institution.

Transferring (From) Institution” – Start with Glen Oaks in the “transferring institution” menu. Choose the Glen Oaks class that you want to transfer. Choose the 4-year college or university you want to transfer to. If that institution is not an available option on the drop down menu, then that Glen Oaks class does not transfer to that specific institution.​


Other helpful transfer links

​Interested in transferring? Use the links below to help guide you!

  1. Western Michigan University Transfer Information – Search for guides to help you transfer into specific majors and programs or search to see if a certain class will transfer to WMU from Glen Oaks.
  2. MACRAO Transfer Agreement – Learn more about MACRAO and how it can make transferring streamlined!
  3. Glen Oaks Transfer Guides – Look to see which 4-year colleges and universities have transfer agreements straight from Glen Oaks!

    Note: When using transfer guides from other institutions, it is always a good idea to contact that institution to make sure they are still acknowledging the guide and that it is up to date.​