Rachel, Craig, and Viola Schuler posing in front of Glen Oaks main entrance.

Third generation among May 4 GOCC graduation

Glen Oaks Community College’s 44 th Graduation includes a family milestone among its candidates for graduation. When Rachel Schuler crosses the stage she will represent the third generation in her family to graduate from Glen Oaks. Craig Schuler, Rachel’s father, graduated with an Associate of Arts in 1979 and then attended Michigan State University to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. Viola Schuler, Rachel’s grandmother, graduated with an Associate of Science in 1969, then graduated from WMU in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

In fact, Rachel’s grandfather, Kenneth Schuler, joined Glen Oaks in 1967 as a professor, athletic director and coach. He taught and coached at GOCC for 28 years. Other Glen Oaks graduates in the family include Rachel’s mother, three aunts and two uncles: Rebecca (Hagner) Schuler-2002, Ann Schuler-1982, Maria (Schuler) Crinion-1983, Jennifer (Bellows) Hagner-1990, Kevin Crinion-1983, and John Hagner-1990.

Viola Schuler, a former educator and Director of Public Instruction at Sturgis Public Schools, was selected in 2002 as the first Distinguished Alumni of the Year at Glen Oaks. She retired in 1997 after a 25-year career with Sturgis Public Schools. Rachel is now taking classes at Western Michigan University where she is majoring in Psychology.

The annual graduation at Glen Oaks Community College takes place at 7:00 p.m., Friday, May 4 in the college gymnasium.