Dr. David Devier

Trustee Emeriti: The Meaning of Service

By Dr. David H. Devier, Glen Oaks President

This Friday, December 13, Glen Oaks Community College will recognize eight former Trustees by granting them Trustee Emeriti status.  These individuals combined service on the Board totals 115 years.

This range from service is fifty years from 1965 to 2015.  Beginning with Mr. Norm Haas, 1965-1977, the first Board Chair to Mr. Jim Moshier, 1997-2015.  In between these two gentlemen are six outstanding servants including Mr. Richard Maurer, 1983-1997; Mr. Barry Mumby, 1985-2003, serving as Chair, 1995-2003; Mrs. Gretchen Dresser, 1987-2005; Mr. Taylor Snow, 1991-2007, serving as Vice-Chair, 1997-2003 and Chair 2003-07; Mr. Dave Locey, 1998-2011; and Mr. Pat Haas, 1999-2012, serving as Vice Chair 2003-07 and Chair 2007-2012.

As one reviews the breath and depth of efforts of these eight outstanding servants, you can only praise their commitment to the educational opportunities for the students of the St. Joseph County region.  Beginning with Norm Haas’ vision even before 1965 for the need of such an institution onward, each one was dedicated to helping Glen Oaks become the best institution possible.

During this fifty-year range, all eight of the Glen Oaks presidents were selected, the original campus was built and five additions were added, enrollment grew to as high as 1,650, more than 5,000 students graduated, thousands of community events were hosted, specialized training for dozens of local employers was provided and innumerous cultural events were hosted. It is hard to imagine what these fifty-years would have been like for St. Joseph County and its citizens without the work of these eight. Thankfully, we do not have to because of their vision and service.

If you would like to attend the celebration for these eight former trustees as they are granted emeritus status, at 11:30 a.m. Friday, RSVP by either calling the President’s Office (269) 294-4233 or via e-mail to dzinsmaster@glenoaks.edu  Everyone is welcome.