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Trustees reminded of coming election

The Glen Oaks Community College Board of Trustees were reminded Wednesday, Feb. 8 that the November election includes several members of the Board who wish to retain their seats. On the ballot will be two 6-year and two 2-year Board of Trustee positions. Dr. Gary Wheeler,President, said nomination petitions are available at either the St. Joseph County Clerk’s Office or the President’s Office at Glen Oaks.

Marilyn Wieschowski, Dean of Finance and Administrative Services, reported total year-to-date revenues at the college were $5.7 million, which represents 49 percent of the annual budget. This revenue rate, as a percentage of budget, was approximately four percent lower than last year’s revenue rate at this time. Expenses year-to-date were $6.4 million, which represented 55 percent of the annual budget. Ms. Wieschowski said Property Tax revenue at $1.4 million at the end of January is two percent below last year’s revenue for the same time. State Funds revenue’s fourth fiscal year payment in January was$210,000 and a total decrease for FY 2012 will be $104,000 when compared to last year. Tuition revenue through January was $2.7 million, reflecting an enrollment decrease for the fall and winter semesters. This is $115,000 lower compared to the same time last year. Fee revenue was $718,000 through January,which is $60,000 lower than last year at this time. Other revenue sources for January came to $30,000.Meanwhile, expenses showed slightly higher costs for utilities and insurance, maintenance and repairs,professional services, and other operating expenses. Expenses were reduced in payroll and fringe benefits, scholarship expenses, promotions and publications, materials and supplies, and travel and professional development. Technology, Student Activity and Parking Fees were transferred to Designated and Plant Funds for replacing computers, student activities, and maintaining parking lots. Ms. Wieschowski said the college’s Finance Committee will be proactive and not reactive as the fiscal year continues.

In other action:

  • The Trustees also received a chart showing when other community colleges approve their tuition and fee increases and amounts. Dr. Wheeler said he would like to take tuition and fees changes into consideration far enough ahead of time so students and parents can prepare.Trustees are expected to make a decision in April about any changes in tuition and fees.
  • Dr. Wheeler said he plans to address Strategic Planning and his Goals as President at the next board meeting.
  • The college plans to increase internet speed with a Frontier Communications agreement. The increase in internet band width is needed due to the demand to download more educational programs and data.
  • The February meeting included a hearing on several Personnel issues. Trustees will consider the issues and report back within two weeks.
  • Dr. Wheeler said Mike Washburn, a Grand Rapids consultant and former Superintendent of Forest Hills Public Schools, has agreed to work with the Board and President on Board operations and evaluation processes.