Viking Zone

Viking Zone

Welcome to the Viking Zone

This is your one stop page for all information related to your Glen Oaks accounts.

Glen Oaks students can use this page to find information about accessing all of their different online services including WebAdvisor, Canvas, Etrieve, Viking Email, and Text Alerts. Below you will find details about the different services as well as information on what to do if you experience issues with any of your accounts.

Signing In

In an effort to make signing into our different systems as easy as possible, Glen Oaks utilizes a Single Sign-On system. This means that you can use one username and password to access all of your Glen Oaks accounts, such as Canvas, WebAdvisor, and your Viking Email. These credentials are also used to login/access any of the computers on campus.

First-Time Users: Please login to WebAdvisor or myGOCC and change your initial password to something more private and secure. This password change will trigger a sync so that you can login to all of your separate accounts using the same credentials.

Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name and the last three digits of your College ID# (all lower-case, no spaces). For example, if your name is John Smith and your College ID# is 0054321, then your user name would be jsmith321.
John Smith 0054321 = jsmith321


Your initial password follows similar rules. It is also determined by your last name and College ID#. Initially, your password would be your last name (first letter is capitalized) followed by an exclamation point (!) and then your full College ID#. So returning to the previous example of John Smith 0054321, John’s initial password would be Smith!0054321. As your initial password is not secure, it will need to be changed upon getting logged into WebAdvisor.

John Smith + ! + 0054321 = Smith!0054321


Existing Users: use your WebAdvisor user name and password.

Be advised: if you haven’t updated your password recently you will be required to change it.

Glen Oaks student looking at her computer screen


myGOCC example screenshot

Glen Oaks now has a new service for reviewing your accounts and information: myGOCC. Using myGOCC requires you to login using your Viking ID and password. You can search for and view offered classes as well as completely plan out your schedule and enroll in courses. Users can review information such as their Student Finance, Tax Information, Student Planning, Graduation Overview, Financial Aid, Grades, and Attendance (employees also have access to their information through their myGOCC account). Registering for courses and filling out required forms paperlessly, via our Etrieve Document Portal, are also services available through myGOCC. This service offers all of the same features as does the WebAdvisor portal, but has a new, fresh look and improved user experience and functionality. Over the course of the next few years, the myGOCC application is set to replace WebAdvisor in its entirety.


WebAdvisor Main Page screenshot

WebAdvisor is an online service provided for students, staff, and community members. You can search for and view offered courses without providing login credentials, but other services offered through WebAdvisor require login access to view. Logged-in users can review information such as their Academic Profile, Student Payment Information, Document Status, Financial Aid, and Academic Planning. They can also Register for courses and fill out required forms paperlessly via our Etrieve Document Portal.

Password Reset Area

If you already know your password and want to change it, you just need to login to myGOCC and click on your Viking ID in the upper right hand corner (next to the Sign Out link). A drop down menu will appear with an option to “Change Password”. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

Resetting your password if you have forgotten it (or if what you believe to be your password is not working) must be done through WebAdvisor. Locating the area can be difficult if your not familiar with using this service. Because of this, we have provided a direct link to the Password Reset Tool within WebAdvisor. By using this area, a temporary password will be sent to your email so you can get logged in and change your password to something more private/secure.

Please note: When you are prompted for your old password on the password reset screen, you will need to supply the temporary password that you receive via email.

If you know your password, you can change it via the available prompt on myGOCC once logged in.

Password Reset Instructions

Please follow along with the Password Reset Instructional Video, or follow these Step-by-step instructions PDF icon on how to change your password. (This password change will affect your myGOCC, Canvas, Etrieve, and Viking Email password)


We are using Canvas as our learning platform for Online Learning classes. Below is the information on how to access the system. Canvas is linked to your WebAdvisor account, so please make sure you have access to your WebAdvisor account before attempting to sign into Canvas.

Logging Into Canvas Is Easy!


  • Go to Canvas (the Canvas link is also on the homepage)
  • Username: Your first initial, last name, and last three digits of your GOCC student ID number (this is the same as your WebAdvisor username and is commonly referred to as your Viking ID)
  • Password: Your password is the same password you use to access your WebAdvisor or email account

Canvas Login Screenshot

Viking Email

Your Viking Email is provided through Google’s Gmail service. You can use the VIKING EMAIL button to get logged into your account, or you can login directly through Gmail.

*Note: When logging into your email account, please remember that you have to use your entire email address (i.e. to login, not just your username (jsmith123).

Text Alerts

Get Emergency Alerts and other Campus Information sent as text messages to your cell phone or email.
If you check the box for the Mobile Text Alerts system’s General Announcements group, you will receive messages about school closures, campus events, bookstore notices, etc. If you want to receive notifications about class cancellations as well, just check that box in addition to the general announcements.

*Note: Your email address/phone number is not required. If you wish to receive alerts via text only, please just include your phone number. If you would rather receive alerts via email, you just need to provide your email address. If you provide information for both of these fields, you will receive messages via email and text.

Important: Do not enroll using a email account as cancellations and announcements will automatically be sent to your Viking email.


Traditional paper filing cannot fully track the lifecycle of a document. And for many of the documents that are actually stored electronically, once they are shared and emailed, you’ve lost track of it altogether. Etrieve helps to make this problem a thing of the past.


Etrieve, our fully browser-based document management solution, allows us to store and organize student’s documents in a single content repository. Because of this repository, student data is consistent across all applications, access to information is instantaneous, and everyday business processes are more efficient.

Etrieve allows students and employees to search, review and edit documents through a secure, responsive interface, without the need for locally installed software. This service also utilizes single sign-on authentication, so the credentials that you use to login to all of your other accounts are also used to login to Etrieve.

Student Help Desk

Young girl using hammer to deal with a computer problem.

Relax. We’re Here To Help.

While 9 times out of 10, any issues you may experience with accessing your accounts can be resolved by changing your password, this is not always the case.

Glen Oaks is constantly striving to provide you with the easiest and most user friendly experience possible when trying to access your different accounts but, as you know, sometimes things go wrong.

That being said, we have multiple resources available to you for when you run into issues that you can’t resolve on your own.

Student Services entrance

Student Services Help Desk

If you experience any difficulties with accessing your accounts, Student Services is your first stop to getting your issue resolved. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you get your password working, or if you are experiencing something more complex, they can escalate the issue in order to get it resolved in a timely manner.

Library Circulation Desk

Library Help Desk

When evening students have an issue, it typically doesn’t take place during regular Student Services hours. In order to continue to provide our students with the tools needed to succeed, we also have a Help Desk located in the Library (Circulation Desk) to provide evening and weekend help. The individuals staffing the Help Desk are trained to help resolve your access issues, or can elevate the issue to ensure its timely resolution.

*Note: For your safety and security, as well as the safety and security of Glen Oaks Community College, you are required to verify your identity (either by a school/state ID or by supplying personally identifying information) before any changes can be made to your accounts.

Glen Oaks Mobile Application

While WebAdvisor is a valuable service to be able to access, it is not always the most user friendly experience when using your cell phone or mobile device. In order to make this information more readily accessible for our mobile users, we have released the new Glen Oaks CC mobile app. Visit the Google or iTunes play store and download the GLEN OAKS CC app today!