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Why Support Adult Degree Completion?

This writer has written recently concerning the need for working adults in our region to complete
college degrees if our communities are to advance economically in the present and the future.
According to yet another research study recently completed, “It is projected that by 2020, 65
percent of all jobs in the U.S. will require education beyond high school, with 35 percent
requiring a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent requiring a career certificate or an associate
degree.” (“Recovery, Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020,” Georgetown
Center on Education and the Workforce, June 2013).

“In 2013, only 40 percent of the working population (ages 25-69) possessed at least an associate
degree, leaving our attainment level far below that needed for future strength of our economy.”
(“A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education,” Lumina Foundation 2015) Adult (non-
traditional) students are an integral part of filling the gap and helping to ensure the country’s

A record number of American adults are returning to college or attending for the first time. This
wave of adults attending college is the direct result of the need for more education to gain the
higher knowledge, higher paying employment. The wages earned by lower skill workers in the
post-recession workplace are not middle-class supporting. Adults holding these under-
employment positions are realizing that they need to garner additional education if they hope to
achieve the American dream.

Many of these adults have some college credit and now seek to finish what they started. Glen
Oaks Community College has been providing educational opportunities for adults for fifty years
and is aggressively developing new degree programs and certificates in high-demand, high-wage
areas. Some of the courses are offered flexibly in online, hybrid and open-entry/open-exit

The college has also increased its customized training offerings in workplaces to help adults
garner the knowledge and skills their employers’ desire. We encourage adults to consider Glen
Oaks for your educational goals. The college has great partnerships with Trine University,
Spring Arbor University and Goshen College which enables students to matriculate directly and
complete their bachelor’s degrees on the Glen Oaks Campus.

The college will be hosting a “Return to Learn” information session for adults on Thursday, Nov.
19 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Advisors from all institutions are ready to help with your career goals. As
the college advances its mission entering into its second fifty years, the community will benefit
as much as the individuals garnering their additional training. Visit the Glen Oaks website at or call (269) 467-9945.

David H. Devier