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The Dual Enrollment program offers eligible public high school students and students from state-approved nonpublic high schools the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school.

When all criteria identified by the state are met, the student’s tuition, applicable fees, and textbooks may be paid by the school through the district’s state foundation grant.

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According to the State of Michigan Public Act 131 of 2012, qualifying students in grades 9-12 may attend college as a dual enrolled student at a postsecondary institution. Homeschooled students may participate if they are taking at least one course at a public high school (in order for a high school to pay for courses). Eligible students are those who are enrolled in at least one high school course and have taken the MME in all subject areas—Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies.

If the student has not achieved endorsements in all areas, he/she is eligible to take courses limited to the areas in which the student has received endorsements.

Students are eligible to take courses within subject areas in which there are no endorsements, such as foreign language or computer science, or courses not offered by the district as long as students have taken all parts of the MME.

Course Limits

If the school district covers the costs of tuition and applicable fees, students are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 10 courses throughout their high school career. This is different than students in the Early Middle College program who obtain more credits. This limit does not apply if the student covers costs or if there is a written agreement between the high school and the college.

For Entering 9th grade students:
  • 9th grade-2 course limit
  • 10th grade-2 course limit
  • 11th grade-2 course limit
  • 12th grade-4 course limit
For Entering 10th grade students:
  • 10th Grade-2 course limit
  • 11th Grade-4 course limit
  • 12th Grade-4 course limit

For Entering 11th or 12th grade students:

  • No more than 6 courses during either of those academic years

Course Limits are for the academic year.

Course Locations

In addition to courses at Glen Oaks, college classes are offered at several area high schools and online. Offerings vary by semester.

Placement Testing

Students must take the Accuplacer, OR have qualifying ACT/SAT scores OR submit a high school transcript to be evaluated in order to take most classes with Glen Oaks. There are some courses that do not require qualifying test scores. Students interested in taking a math course, may take the ALEKS test to determine placement.

Please see “Placement Test Scores” in the sidebar on this page.


Orientation must be completed prior to attending your first class. The Dual Enrollment Orientation can be completed online. Please review the Informational Videos page and use the Orientation Quiz link located there to complete your online orientation.