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Graduation 2024

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Student Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Effective Fall/24)

In-District (St. Joseph County) Residents: $135/contact hour.

Service Area Residents: $166/contact hour. Service Area residents include: Branch, Calhoun, Cass, and Kalamazoo Counties in Michigan as well as LaGrange, Elkhart, St. Joseph, and Steuben Counties of Indiana.

State-of-Michigan Residents (Residents who are in state but outside of the service area): $201/contact hour.

Out-of-State Residents: $237/contact hour.

International Students: $285/contact hour.

*Note: This cost does not include laboratory and course fees. Tuition charges are subject to change without notice upon action of the Board of Trustees.

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General Fee $25.00 per contact hour
Student Activities Fee $5.00 per contact hour
Course Fee Course fees vary and apply to courses requiring special supplies, equipment or travel. See class schedule to find out if a course fee applies to your selection.
Technology Fee $9.00 per contact hour
  *Note: A contact hour is equivalent to the time the instructor spends in the classroom.