Glen Oaks Community College

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for students who desire a rigorous liberal arts education that emphasizes depth of intellectual and academic experience. This degree is designed for students whose educational interests are in the humanities, the creative and performing arts, and the social sciences. The degree can provide the basis for career advancement or for further study. Because transfer credit and degree requirements vary widely, it is important to consult with an advisor if you plan to transfer to a college or university.
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Program Information

The Associate of Arts Degree meets MTA requirements.

GOCC students have the advantage of a community college “start” before going to a college or university. GOCC advisors have curriculum guides listing courses that transfer for many specific programs and work closely with four-year institutions to stay current on transfer information which can impact GOCC students.

Transfer Advising

GOCC offers courses which are helpful toward the achievement of many college and university programs of study. Frequently, students secure an associate degree on the way to their bachelor’s degree. Transfer curriculum guides are available for the most popular programs and for many colleges. Transfer guides, which list courses at GOCC that will transfer to a particular school in a specific major, are available in Student Services.

Regular Advising Appointments
The College recommends regular advising appointments to assure the best possible transfer of credits. Completion of core courses at GOCC for this degree qualifies students for the MACRAO Agreement (See GOCC catalog). The MACRAO Agreement is generally not available to students seeking the Associate of Applied Science in Business, Allied Health, Nursing, Social Work or Technology.

What can I do with my degree?

Approximately half the students seeking a higher education in America enroll in community colleges or technical institutes. More than 70 percent of all college freshmen take community college classes in order to complete the “core courses” required in your first two years at a university. By doing so, students save in tuition costs, while enjoying smaller class sizes and attentive instructors.

The Associate of Arts degree is typically pursued when transfer to a college or university is likely. For those achieving an Associate of Arts or other transfer degree programs, Glen Oaks Community College has “articulation” and “joint transfer” agreements with area colleges in a number of programs. GOCC advisors can help students understand a target university’s requirements and choose courses that will transfer.

However, students don’t have to participate in an articulation agreement to make a successful transfer. As long as one researches the requirements, plans ahead and meets with a GOCC advisor to discuss academic and career plans, one can transfer to just about any college in the country. In fact, GOCC graduates have successfully transferred their courses to over 54 colleges and universities since 2008.