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Graduation 2024

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Tips for Parents & Students

St. Joseph Early Middle College (SJC-EMC) is designed to offer students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and either:
  • An Associate Degree,
  • An Occupational Certificate,
  • Michigan Early Middle College (MEMCA) Technical Certification,
  • Or up to 60 transferable college credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree.
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Students enrolled in EMC attend an additional year (13th grade) to complete both high school and college program requirements. In the final year (13th grade), all classes will be held on the Glen Oaks campus.

Dual Enrollment vs Early Middle College

In traditional dual enrollment programs, students can complete up to ten courses for college credit while enrolled in a public or state-approved, non-public high schools. EMC students follow an educational development plan and attend an additional year (13th grade) to complete both high school and college program requirements simultaneously.

Participation in EMC may begin as early as 9th grade. Students must declare their intent to participate no later than the beginning of 11th grade.

EMC participants follow a deliberately designed 5-year educational course of student. Students work toward earning a college degree and/or a certificate by overlapping district-approved graduation course requirements with college pathways of study. College courses may be taken on a college campus, on a high school campus, or via a blended format (part on-line and part classroom).

The student’s Educational Development Plan (EDP) must reflect the 5th year of instruction and is signed by the student, parent, and school official. Students may walk with their class at graduation; however, their diploma will be held until the completion of their 13th year.


Students participating in SJC-EMC have the opportunity to acquire college credit at no cost to the family; paid by your local school district.


  • Reduces the student and parent student loan debt
  • Allows the student the opportunity to earn a credential, expanding employment possibilities right out of high school
  • Prepares students for college coursework to make a smooth transition toward pursuit of additional college credits
  • Supports a student’s positive experience and deep college readiness skill development/career preparation through wraparound services provided by both the district and the college partner(s)

How to be successful

  • Students will participate in an Early Middle College Boot camp to kick off their transition from high school to college.
  • All students will complete an “EMC: Student Success Course” online and must be completed in the first  semester of the EMC program.
  • Attend EMC Monthly appointments held at GOCC and local high schools.
  • The Tutoring & Testing Center, located in the Learning Commons, provides a friendly place where a student can receive academic assistance for classes. Free peer tutoring is available to any GOCC student with an academic need. To determine if a tutor is available contact the Tutoring & Testing Center at (269)294-4295.
  • Career counseling is available to provide advice, guidance, and testing support to assist with career clarification and choice.

Special Circumstances

To best serve SJC-EMC students, it is important that the staff understand the individual needs of the students. In order to do that, students with IEP’s, students with 504’s, and students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch have to be identified.

Please contact the EMC Director if you meet any of these circumstances or others that are not listed.

Information collected will remain confidential.

Placement Testing

  • Multiples Measures (all English classes taken having a grade of B or higher, plus recommendation from the high school guidance counselor) is first considered for course placement. If needed, student will be asked to take the Accuplacer BEFORE attending EMC Bootcamp.
  • Prospective student can contact the GOCC Learning Commons at (269)294-4295 to schedule a time for the Accuplacer or contact their high school guidance office to check availability of testing at the high school.
  • If student completes ACT or SAT, the high school will provide these scores to EMC staff.