Glen Oaks Community College

Graduation 2024


The following areas are available for use by the general public:

For rental and pricing information, please contact Diane Zinsmaster, Executive Associate to the President.

Administrative Conference Room
Administrative Conference Room

The Administrative Conference Room (ACR) is perfect for a small meeting. It can seat up to 8 people comfortably and is equipped with a dry-erase board and a conference phone.

Instructor standing at the board in front of class

Classroom sizes and features vary. There are computer labs that can accommodate upwards of 20 people as well as standard classrooms. All rooms are equipped with dry-erase boards. Rooms with projectors are also available.

The newly renovated concourse and grand staircase.

The 50-year-old grand concourse was completely renovated in 2019. The $2.2 million USDA-funded project includes a 100-seat dining area that overlooks the east side of campus, a new kitchen, group study rooms, and a computer gaming area. The space is great for larger groups and it includes two tv monitors on a raised-platform stage area.

Dresser Business Development Center - Auditorium
Dresser Business Development Auditorium
  • This conference room can hold approximately 80 people depending on the setup of tables and chairs.
  • It has a screen for use with an overhead projector as well as an available sound system.
  • It comes equipped with a dry-erase board and computer
  • The room works well for small and large groups.
Dresser Business Development Center - Computer Labs
Dresser Computer Labs
  • With newly-updated computers and software, this computer lab is a great resource for your business’ computer and technology training needs.
  • Each lab contains 15 work stations and a removable wall easily coverts the two rooms into a larger training facility.
  • New, wireless projector with ability to cast to multiple overhead screens
Ken Shuler Gymnasium
Ken Schuler Court

The Ken Schuler Gymnasium was resurfaced in the summer of 2017 and is the home to Glen Oaks graduation ceremonies, sporting events, and job fairs. The gymnasium has plenty of space to accommodate even the largest groups. Bleachers can be opened or closed for extra room and there is a built in microphone system as well as a spotlight available.

Nora Hagen Theater
Nora Hagen Theater

Located in the college’s D-wing, the theatre provides a more formal atmosphere with its built-in sound system, stage and ability to seat up to 260 people. Features include a piano, portable dry-erase board, and a large projection screen (computer/projector can be made available for use).