Glen Oaks Community College

Graduation 2024

Housing Agreement

Students are required to apply for Student Housing and to complete the application process, concluding in the signing of an agreement for a space and submitting the $75 non-refundable administrative fee. Students who are not emancipated minors at the time of the agreement signing are also required to have a parent or guardian sign the agreement prior to it being accepted and countersigned by Glen Oaks Community College. Only students who will be 18 years of age or older before the end of the first semester are eligible to live in Student Housing.

Your Student Housing agreement is not transferable, which means you may not transfer your agreement to any other individual or semester. Only the individual student who signs the agreement is permitted to reside in the room/suite. The agreement is legally binding, and you will be held responsible to the terms of the agreement for the entire agreement period. You are responsible, as is the College, for all items outlined in the agreement.

The College is committed to providing students a safe living and learning environment; consequently, the College reserves the right to deny or terminate housing for any person whom the College feels may pose an unreasonable risk, would cause disruption to the community, or violates College rules or policies. The College reserves the right to deny, modify, or cancel housing agreements or assignments. GOCC will hold any student who breaks their agreement financially responsible for their agreement.

At the end of the agreement term, students must complete the proper checkout process.

Biling Dates

If a current resident fails to pay by the billing date or fails to establish a payment plan through Nelnet by the published date, they will be required to move out of student housing. New residents who fail to make payment or have a payment plan in place by the payment date will not be allowed to move in and may have their agreement terminated.

Collection of Payments

The resident agrees that if the College utilizes legal counsel, a collection or other agent to enforce this agreement, the resident will pay the collection costs, attorney’s fees and court costs in obtaining payment amounts due under this agreement.

Cancellation of Agreement

This Housing Agreement is a legally binding Agreement. By signing the Housing Agreement, the Resident assumes responsibility for the terms and conditions contained herein.

  1. A new applicant who has not previously lived in Devier Student Suites may cancel the Housing Agreement by submitting a Cancellation Form to the Housing Office by July 1; Applicants who cancel after July 1 will incur a $250 cancellation fee. Once the applicant takes occupancy of the room, cancellation will result in responsibility for the financial terms of the Fall semester, in addition to an $800 cancellation fee for the Winter semester. Residents who enter this agreement for the Winter semester only and fail to cancel in writing prior to the end of the Fall semester will incur a $250 cancellation fee.  Once the applicant takes occupancy of the room, cancellation will result in responsibility for the financial terms of the Winter semester.
  2. Returning Residents who complete the renewal process may cancel housing by submitting the cancellation form and paying a $250 cancellation fee by May 31. Returning Residents who complete the renewal process and cancel between June 1 and July 31 will be responsible for an $800.00 cancellation fee. Failure to cancel prior to August 1 will result in the student being responsible for the financial terms of the Fall semester. Returning Residents may cancel the Housing Agreement for the Winter semester by submitting written notification to the Housing Office on, or before, the last day of the Fall Semester. Residents who cancel before this date will incur an $800 cancellation fee. Residents who cancel after this date are obligated to the full financial terms of the winter semester.

Agreement Termination

Glen Oaks Community College may terminate a resident’s housing agreement and take possession of a student’s assigned space at any time for violation of any of the provisions herein or when it is in the interest of the community or College. The student’s housing agreement will be cancelled if the student’s enrollment at Glen Oaks Community College is terminated through removal from the College, academic suspension, conduct removal, or administrative dismissal. If the agreement is terminated, the student must vacate student housing within 24 hours unless written permission has been obtained from the Director of Student Housing or their designee, or the resident has a pending appeal. In the case of a cancellation or termination, by the resident or Glen Oaks Community College, the student’s address will be forwarded to an address provided by the student and In-District Tuition rates will be changed to reflect the provided address.

Non-Refundable Administrative Fee

The College is not liable for the loss of money or valuables by any p The non-refundable administrative fee for Student Housing at Glen Oaks Community College is $75.00 and is due at the time students submit their Student Housing Application. Students will not be sent a Housing Agreement if the non-refundable administrative fee is not submitted with the Housing Application. Financial Aid cannot be used to cover the administrative fee. The administrative fee should be paid in full to the Cashier located in the Student Services Office in the main building. Credit card payments may also be made via phone at 269-294-4235.

Please note: If paying via debit or credit card, a 2.75% service fee is assessed.

Payment of Housing Charges

Once a resident has been assigned a tentative suite, the Student Housing fees will be charged to the student’s Glen Oaks Community College account. Payment must be received by the payment dates outlined through Nelnet, or the agreement will be cancelled and the space will be reassigned. New residents with unpaid housing charges will not be permitted to move in until full payment has been made or the Nelnet payment plan is in place. Residents may have their housing agreement cancelled for failing to make required payments. Returning residents with outstanding payments will have their access revoked until payment has been made and/or have their housing agreement cancelled. Non-payment and/or cancellation of agreement due to non-payment does not release the student from the financial obligations of the housing agreement. Payments can be made in person to the Cashier located Student Services, or checks may be mailed to:

Glen Oaks Community College ATTN: CASHIER 62249 Shimmel Rd. Centreville, MI 49032

(Please indicate that payment is for housing and include the student’s ID number). Glen Oaks Community College accepts cash, check, money order and credit card payments for housing payments. For more details regarding payment options, contact the Glen Oaks Community College Cashier’s Office at 269-294-4235.

Please note: If paying via debit or credit card, a 2.75% service fee is assessed.

Damage to Student Housing Building

Should the Student Housing building be destroyed or damaged sufficiently to prevent the use of the facility, in the event of a public emergency or other unforeseen occurrences beyond the control of the College which result in residents being displaced, the housing agreement may be immediately terminated. In this event the resident is responsible for charges up to the date of termination. The College shall not be liable for any expenses, damages or loss which you incur for relocation or inconvenience as a result of such termination. We require residents to purchase renter’s insurance as a protection for personal belongings.