Glen Oaks Community College

Graduation 2024

Staff Responsibilities

Our primary mission is to provide housing for students on campus and to support our residents to help them be successful students at Glen Oaks Community College. Like many other campus offices, there are staff available to assist you with Student Housing related issues from a question about the application process to a conflict with a roommate. There are other campus offices and staff that can assist residential students with questions, concerns and issues such as academic advising, tutoring, financial aid, etc. The Student Housing staff can assist residents by making referrals to other campus offices or staff.

Director of Student Housing

This full-time, administrative staff member provides leadership and supervision for all aspects of Student Housing. The Director serves on various committees across campus focused around student retention and success of Glen Oaks Community College students, particularly residents in GOCC Student Housing. Students who want to meet with the Director should schedule an appointment by emailing the Director or calling his/her office. Scheduling a meeting in this manner ensures the Director is available to meet with the student/resident.

Assistant Director of Student Housing

The Assistant Directors are full-time, live-in administrative staff members who assists the Director of Student Housing in the everyday processes and functions of Student Housing. He/she has primary responsibilities in the following areas: the application process, room assignments, room changes, Resident Assistant recruitment, selection, and training, and credit notifications, etc. He/she serves in an on-call rotation for the purpose of crisis management at night and on weekends.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Resident Assistants are Glen Oaks Community College students with leadership responsibilities within Student Housing. The RA’s primary role is to create and maintain an environment that promotes academic success along with personal growth and development of residents. They promote and assist in organizing Student Housing programs and services, serve as an informational resource, are trained in conflict management, enforce policies and procedures within the student housing building, and can assist with maintenance and service requests. RAs serve in an on-call capacity at night and on weekends.