Glen Oaks Community College

Graduation 2024

Violations & Conduct

The Student Housing staff at Glen Oaks Community College is committed to maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. To accomplish this goal, the department has developed Housing policies that reflect the values and standards of the community. Given our community is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs, the established policies and procedures aim to protect the rights of members of the College community, individually and collectively.

The Student Housing staff strives to provide a living/learning environment where students can benefit by learning and demonstrating appropriate behavior, and foster an environment where residents and their guests understand that individuals are responsible for their actions and that there are consequences to inappropriate behavior. The Housing staff will confront issues as they become aware of them. Staff may learn of situations in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: completion of duty rounds, resident reports, desk aide reports, parent phone calls, social media sites, building cameras and/or information from the other college employees.

Glen Oaks Community College’s philosophy of discipline is one of education. While there are consequences for violations of community standards of behavior, our goal is to help students grow and learn from their mistakes and become active and positive members of our community. Residence assistants or any College staff will contact a professional staff member when situations become escalated or it is apparent that a resident/guest poses a threat to himself or others, when there is a violation of campus or state/federal law or for any other situations where staff deems it necessary. It is easy for residents to be upset when they are confronted by a staff member and become argumentative and non-compliant. Residents are expected to be cooperative, understanding, and patient when confronted by a staff member.

The Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Housing are responsible for adjudication of cases in which a resident violates the terms and conditions as stated in the Student Housing Agreement and Student Housing Handbook. When a violation occurs, the Resident Assistant, Assistant Director of Student Housing, and/or the Director of Student Housing will inform the resident of the alleged violation in writing. The resident shall have up to 24 hours to prepare a response. Based on the information gathered, the Director of Campus Housing or the Assistant Dean of Students will render a decision and inform the resident of that decision both verbally and in writing.

Violations of the Student Housing Agreement and Student Housing Handbook can be categorized as Level I, Level II, and Level III violations. Students with multiple violations may receive more severe sanctions within their violation level. The sanctions listed below are recommendations; they are not meant to be absolute as violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. All sanctions are implemented according to the judgment of the Director of Student Housing, Judicial Board, or the Assistant Dean of Students.

Level I Violations

Examples of Level I violations include, but are not limited to, violation of guest policy, horseplay, bicycles in the housing unit, disregard of courtesy hours, and sports in the housing unit, etc. Possible sanctions include community service, probation, educational projects, letter of apology, and removal from common area.

Level II Violations

Examples of Level II violations include, but are not limited to, smoking, violation of pet policy, alcohol, disrespect, and use of candles, etc. Possible sanctions include community service, educational projects, probation, counseling, and removal from living area.

Level III Violations

Examples of Level III violations include, but are not limited to, any act of violence, sexual assault, theft, weapons, noncompliance with college officials, and tampering with fire equipment. Possible sanctions include: suspension/expulsion from Student Housing and/or the College, termination of contract, mandatory counseling, and fines.
The protocol for managing policy violations within Student Housing may fall under the Glen Oaks Community College Student Code of Conduct. Students looking for further information on the Glen Oaks Community College Student Code of Conduct and processes should refer to the College Catalog. As resident students, you are responsible for both Glen Oaks Community College campus policies and Student Housing policies as outlined in this booklet. You are required to read and know all policies.