The Electrical Technologies Certificate program is designed to upgrade skills or prepare the student with entry level knowledge and skills in electronic theory and circuitry. The student will be trained in using equipment essential for employment in communication, industrial electronics, radio/television, and other electronic occupations. Completion of this certificate can prepare students for industry-wide certification. The Electrical Technologies Certificate can also be used toward an Associate of Applied Science in Technology Degree.


Required coursework

BUS 101 College Skills & Portfolio Writing 3 credits
CIS 101 Introduction to Computers* 4 credits
ELEC 110 Basic Electricity 4 credits
ELEC 111 Introduction to AC/DC Circuits 4 credits
ELEC 116 Residential Electricity 4 credits
ELEC 119 Introduction to the National Electrical Code 4 credits
ELEC 120 Electrical Motor Controls I 4 credits
MATH 119 Mathematics for Technicians II* 3 credits
MATH 151 College Algebra* 4 credits
Total: 30-31 credits
*Course has a prerequisite


Effective: Fall 2012
Current as: 7/16/14
Updated: 10/31/2016