About the Foundation

Glen Oaks Foundation Board


GOCC Foundation was incorporated in 1979 as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that supports the educational programs and services at the college. The Foundation raises and appropriates funds for various programs and activities which support the mission and objectives of GOCC.

The Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of the Glen Oaks Community College Foundation is to award scholarships and grants to students, faculty and staff members of Glen Oaks Community College, and to maintain and develop the facilities and services of Glen Oaks Community College for broader educational opportunities and services.

Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board appointed to three-year renewable terms.
Directors are drawn from the business and philanthropic community and generally number 18.
Directors are selected persons who represent positive leadership in the community and have an expressed interest and desire to solicit support and raise funds that will benefit the college. One member of the GOCC Board of Trustees serves on the Foundation Board.

Jeffrey Gatton
Jeffrey GattonPresident
Phyllis Youga
Phyllis YougaVice-President
Dr. David Devier
Dr. David DevierSecretary/Treasurer
Vonda Marrow
Vonda MarrowFoundation Director


  • Mary Dechow
  • Julie A. Andrews
  • Anita Sholl
  • Dr. Bud Malinoski
  • David Casterline
  • John R. Dresser
  • Dr. Philip G. Ward
  • Terry Conklin

Programs and Services

The following programs and services at Glen Oaks Community College have been wholly or partially funded by gifts from the GOCC Foundation:

  • Scholarships, awards, and emergency funds
  • Learning resource and individualized instruction centers
  • Furnishings and equipment for the Business Development Center
  • Speakers Program
  • Visiting Artist Program
  • Equipment for Fitness Center
  • Equipment for Nursing, Automotive, Data Processing, Electronics, and Science Departments
  • Capital building projects


Why are Gifts Needed?

The State of Michigan provides less than 30 percent of the College’s operating budget. The College Board of Trustees is committed to providing accessible education to the residents of the County, and to holding tuition at an affordable rate.

What your Gift will mean…..

Community Colleges change lives by making higher education available to everyone. Contributions to the Foundation benefit the entire community and its economy.

  • Economic growth as Glen Oaks programs and enrollment grow.
  • A larger pool of better trained workers available to employers.
  • Increased productivity in the workplace due to a workforce trained in the latest technology.
  • Expanded retraining opportunities for workers to stay competitive in the job market.
  • New business and industry attracted by the improved workers.
  • More open doors of opportunity and prosperity for a generation to come.
  • The College will remain accessible, at an affordable tuition, for area students.
  • The College will remain a bridge between secondary schools and four-year institutions.


Buy a Brick

The Foundation is launching a brick campaign. By purchasing an engraved brick, you will leave a lifetime legacy and your support of Glen Oaks Community College will continue to transform lives and advance communities.

Buy a Brick Order Form

To Learn More

Visit the GuideStar web site, www.guidestar.org just enter in the search field Glen Oaks Community College Foundation, to view our non-profit organization and the work we do. Once there you will find publicized information shared completely and openly; updated frequently with our goals, accomplishments, needs, programs, mission and the most recent tax filing data. All completely free.


Glen Oaks Community College Foundation
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