Glen Oaks seeks nominations for Distinguished Alumni, Fellows and E. J. Shaheen Teaching Excellence Awards

Glen Oaks Community College is asking the community’s help in seeking individuals for three awards that are presented annually during the college’s graduation ceremony, which will be held on Friday, May 8. They are the Distinguished Alumni Award, the Fellows Award and the E. J. Shaheen Teaching Excellence Award.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given each year to a Glen Oaks alum who has demonstrated achievement in his or her career field, service to the community or outstanding contribution to the college.

Fellows Award
The Fellows Award is given to an individual or institution who has provided outstanding support of the college as evidenced by long-term dedication and commitment to the college, extensive community level support for the college and/or direct and continuing support of the college and students. Former and retired employees may also be considered for this award.

E. J. Shaheen Teaching Excellence Award
The E. J. Shaheen Teaching Excellence Award is presented annually to an outstanding faculty member. The nominee should exemplify high professional standards, excellence in teaching and whose position as a faculty member reflects upon the value of education to his or her students and the quality of education. The appointment includes a monetary award.

More specific details and requirements for the awards, as well as the nomination forms, can be found at: The information is also available at the Glen Oaks Information Desk.  Students, staff, former students and community members are encouraged to submit nominations to reach the President’s Office at Glen Oaks by 4 p.m., Mon., March 23 2020.

Dr. David Devier
Why is Glen Oaks Pursuing a Capital Millage?

By David H. Devier, President, Glen Oaks Community College

As many will know, the Glen Oaks Board of Trustees approved a capital millage for the March 10, 2020, ballot. This request is for .5 mill for five-years. One might ask why this millage is needed at this time when it appears that many capital projects have been undertaken recently.  The long and the short of it is that the sheer number of needs with the 50-plus year old campus are very significant. I will attempt to provide the overview of all these needs as well as relay the what and why of the recent projects.

Over the past three and one-half years, three significant capital improvement projects were completed, two of the three were funded through loans, while the third was funded through college reserves.

  1. The first was the 106-bed housing project financed by a $6.5 million USDA loan. The USDA has a special program to help rural community colleges build housing. Housing was needed for several reasons including the limited rentals in the area, the need for housing to support niche programs with wide area interest, i.e. Ag Equipment Technology, and safety and security of students.
  2. The second was the $1.5-million-dollar upgrade to the campus sewer and water systems. The sanitary lagoons were lined and a new water source and treatment system was added just off Shimmel Road. Glen Oaks is the only community college in Michigan with such a system. These improvements were required by the state and financed with college reserves.
  3. The most recent project was the complete renovation of the grand concourse. This much needed improvement was partially paid for with a second USDA loan ($2.2 million), and college reserves. For those of you who have seen the results, you know how amazing this once cold, uninviting space now looks.  This was the most pressing of the original facility needs. It has changed the total spirit of the space and campus feel.

Currently a $7.3-million renovation project is on the drawing board. The hope is that partial funding will come from the state via a capital outlay grant and the remainder from college reserves. This project encompasses only work in the E and F Wings and includes new welding and electrical labs and an update to the auto lab. The Learning Commons (Library and Tutoring and Testing Center) will be completely renovated, classrooms in this area will be remodeled, new windows and doors will be installed, a security system will be added, mechanical systems will be updated, and a new exterior wall system will be applied to the E and F wings and the steel tech building to replace the existing bowed concrete walls. The hope is to begin this work  this year. The college’s portion will be $2,325,000 which needs to come from college reserves and potentially some from this proposed capital millage.

It would be nice if these efforts would address all of the campus needs but this is not the case.  Conservatively, another $5-10 million is needed to complete the total campus upgrade.

Deferred maintenance projects over the years due to lack of funds are now more of a necessity. For example the main parking lot requires a complete rebuild. The athletic locker rooms are in extremely poor shape and visiting basketball and volleyball teams have to dress in open classrooms. The Nora Hagen Theatre is in need of many upgrades, as are classrooms in C and D wings, the graphic design lab and all doors and windows. A new exterior wall system would also need to be applied to B, C, and D wings to replace the bowed walls. The estimate for this work approaches $10 million. And short of additional borrowing or state monies, the college will have to provide the funding.

These needs led to the Board’s decision to seek the capital millage. The .5 mills would produce just over $1 million for each of the five-years for a $5 million total. These funds, along with conservative financial management as has been practiced over the past six years, would enable the college to address these projects sooner.

The campus is now 50-years old. One of the biggest changes through the years is that over 54 percent of our enrollment is now high school students. Without all these investments in infrastructure and facilities, we will not be able to continue to serve our students and community and provide a quality 21st century education in a modern and welcoming environment. Our community is deserving of this.

It is time to invest in the economic future of St. Joseph County with a community college all can be proud of.  Thank you for your support of behalf of our current and future students.

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Glen Oaks announces Fall 2019 President’s and Dean’s list

Glen Oaks Community College announces its outstanding scholars for the Fall  2019 Semester. Students on the President’s Honor Roll achieved a grade point average of 3.75-4.0. Students on the Dean’s Honor Roll achieved a grade point average of 3.5-3.74. The students are listed alphabetically according to their towns of residency.


President’s List


Lauren Cary, America DePaz Leon, Carson Rose, Isaac Tappenden


Robert Becvar


Maria Clementz, Logan Complo, Luke Crilly, Cole Decker, Karsyn Draime

Ethan Gootjes, Job Hall, Alyssia Hudson-Grayer, Brooke Iott, Justin Labonte, Alexander Meyer, Margaret Miller, Rickey Nye, Seth Verburg


Toby Studabaker


Kaitlyn Gross, LeeAnn Hurst, Joshua Lafluer, Chelsea Schoetzow


Kaden Frye, Karissa Sanchez


Sydney Coler


Brittney Cremona


Todd Gangloff, Sydney Griffith, Ciera Kline


Joshua Wright

Spring Arbor

Candy Ultz


Lorena Avila, Rebecca Barkley, Baleigh Brazo, Alan Castro, Brooke Chupp, Jarrett Delarye, Hope Eichorn, Kellie Figueroa-Reyes, Rachel Kay Frye, Saray Garcia Ruiz, Noah Gleason, Vanessa Gonzalez, Morelia Guijosa, Hannah Harless, Cruz Hernandez Cruz, Sierra Keeslar, Jessica Luna, Vania Martinez, Adilene Nieves Rios, Sarahi Nieves Rubio, Andrew Rambadt, Cecilia Rambadt, Joseph Rambadt, Arleth Reyes Apolonio, Nestor Reyes Gonzalez, Brian Rice, Kaysee Shuler, Angelica Soto, Raymond Swinsick, Victoria Tison, Joshua Vizthum, Sarah Waite, Alex Watson, Ashlynne Whitsel, Nathan Wood, Catherine Yanke

Three Rivers

Christina Borchardt, Jade Breseman, Jessica Carlton, Joe Caton, Taylor Farris, Austin Hall, James Hunter, Judah Kay, Wesley Keith, Alesha Kirby, Jack Leitch, Caitlynn Loker, Randi Price, Shane Raver, Cecilia Reeves, Jonathan Santos, Lucas Withers, Veronica Wooten


Megan Lockmondy


MacKenzi Dobosiewicz


Wyatt McClish, Aaron Phelps

White Pigeon

Kathryn Bedard, Kennedy Espinoza, Larissa Proffitt, Emma Sandy



Ian Brown, Todd Wisler


Maximilian Bystry


April Friesen

Edna Yoder

South Bend

Jodi Wagner





Burr Oak

Kourtney Hargett

Kirsten Hills

Cody Middaugh

Wendy Pappas


Collin Dussel


Brenden Bell, Nastasha Brandebury, Raigan Dumm, Andrew Frederick, Joshua Gross, Whitney Jaylin Harris, Markeisha Jackson, Ethan Nielson, Tyquez Priester, LeAngelo Saravia, Katie Schlabach, Logan Striplin, Joshua Swift, Cameron Wilson


Hunter Lindbert


Ciarra Hardy, Kelsi Minch, Abby Saxman


Britany Frye, Asiah Jent, Brandy Potts


Brooke Sexton


Steven Jibson


Madlyn Brown


Douglas Brazo, Cassandra Byers, Mark Duffy, Jacqueline Gallegos Alcantar, Vanessa Galvan, Michael Hartman, Brandy Hibbert, Sarah Howk, Ashley Kuhl, Sara Lewis, Brenda Lopez Esparza, Gilberto Rubio Villafuerte, Antonio Salinas, Drew Schmidt, Kalee Schrock, Anmolpreet Singh, Peter Smith, Robert Tribble, Shannon Tullos

Three Rivers

Kolton Beachey, Mitchell Bowdish, Dawn Captain, Christiana Drury, Renee Gilleylen, Hayley Kramer, Riley Ludwig, Zippora Marzett, David White, A’nna Louise Williams


Kelly Cloud

White Pigeon

Courtney Delarye, Carter Grant, Clark Miller, Tiffany Miller, Chyann Woods



Amanda Carey, Katherine Wickey


Madison Miller, Kristin Meux, Ashley Miller

News – 2020
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    November 13, 2020Glen Oaks moves to mostly online classes; student services are now virtual
    With a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases within St. Joseph County and on campus, Glen Oaks Community College will convert an even greater number of classes to online formats through the remainder of the fall semester. “We are taking these added measures to help mitigate the spread of the virus and for the safety ...
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  • Larry Wingfield – GOCC 2020 Distinguished Alumni Recipient

    November 5, 2020Larry Wingfield - GOCC 2020 Distinguished Alumni Recipient
    Music scholarship led to dreams and aspirations in an aerospace career It was a Glen Oaks music scholarship that became the determining factor for Loran “Larry” Wingfield to pursue his dreams and aspirations. Those dreams, lots of hard work, and an intensely high energy level ultimately led him to a 33+ year career working for the ...
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  • Lederman receives E. J. Shaheen Faculty Excellence Teaching award

    November 5, 2020Lederman receives E. J. Shaheen Faculty Excellence Teaching award
    Bill Lederman, professor of nursing at Glen Oaks Community College, is the 2020 recipient of the E. J. Shaheen Teaching Excellence award. Although usually presented at the college’s spring commencement, which is postponed until spring 2021, the college is honoring Lederman at this time. The award was initiated in 1984 with a generous donation from Shaheen, ...
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  • Glen Oaks announces 2020 award recipients

    November 5, 2020Glen Oaks announces 2020 award recipients
    Glen Oaks Community College is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Glen Oaks Special Recognition awards. These awards are typically announced during the spring commencement ceremony which was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We originally rescheduled graduation to December, but as a continued concern for the safety of our students, employees ...
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  • Glen Oaks Community College’s COVID-19 Response

    November 4, 2020Glen Oaks Community College’s COVID-19 Response
    by Dr. David H. Devier Glen Oaks President Like all organizations, Glen Oaks has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the eight months since Michigan went into shutdown, through the summer and into the fall, the college has managed the situation successfully. Beginning on March 17, the college closed the campus and moved most instruction online. This was ...
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  • Application open for 2021-22 Presidential and Dean’s Scholarships at Glen Oaks Community College

    October 12, 2020Application open for 2021-22 Presidential and Dean’s Scholarships at Glen Oaks Community College
    Glen Oaks Community College is now accepting applications for the Presidential and Dean Scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. To be eligible for these scholarships students must be a 2021 graduate from a public or private high school in St. Joseph County or a public high school within the Glen Oaks service area (Cass County residents ...
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  • Glen Oaks Community College Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for 2021-22 academic year

    October 12, 2020Glen Oaks Community College Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for 2021-22 academic year
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  • Glen Oaks to offer 10-week, late start classes beginning Oct. 5

    September 11, 2020Glen Oaks to offer 10-week, late start classes beginning Oct. 5
    Although students have already started fall semester classes at Glen Oaks Community College, there’s still time to register for a few select late-start courses. Glen Oaks is offering four, 10-week accelerated online classes that will run from Oct. 5 through Dec. 18.  The courses are ENG 121 – “English Composition I,” “GEOG 142 – Physical Geography,” ...
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  • Glen Oaks begins semester with noticeable campus improvements

    September 10, 2020Glen Oaks begins semester with noticeable campus improvements
    Students returning to Glen Oaks this semester are seeing some major improvements to the campus. “With fewer people around over the summer due to COVID-19, it was a perfect time to complete several projects that had been on the backburner,” said Dr. David Devier, Glen Oaks president. The main project was a totally rebuilt main parking lot, ...
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