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Glen Oaks Community College Awarded Prestigious Grant to Support Student Parents

Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) is proud to announce its selection as one of the five recipients of a competitive grant from New America to enhance support for student parents through innovative childcare solutions. This grant recognizes GOCC’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of student parents and underscores the college’s dedication to expanding its support services for student parents.

As part of New America’s Community of Research and Practice on Barriers to Supporting Student Parents, GOCC will receive a $5,000 grant to collaborate on research efforts to identify and overcome student parents’ obstacles in pursuing higher education. This initiative is mainly focused on public community colleges interested in establishing or enhancing childcare support services, including on-campus childcare centers, partnerships with community childcare providers, Head Start sites, drop-in childcare services, childcare resources, and referral services, as well as scholarships, grants, or vouchers to help subsidize child care costs.

“Glen Oaks Community College is honored to be selected by New America for this important initiative,” said Tonya Howden, Vice President of Student Services at GOCC. “This grant will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to support student parents by reducing childcare barriers and enabling them to achieve their educational goals. We are committed to making higher education accessible to all students, including providing the necessary support systems for parents.”

The grant will facilitate virtual interviews with key stakeholders at GOCC to gain insights into the current state of childcare arrangements and how the college can further develop policies and programs that cater to the caregiving needs of its students. Moreover, GOCC will have the opportunity to participate in convenings and engage in peer learning with other experts in the field, sharing best practices and innovative solutions to support student parents.

For more information about Glen Oaks Community College and its initiatives to support student parents, please contact Tonya Howden, Vice President of Student Services, at