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Glen Oaks ramps up in-seat classes for fall; registration is now under way

Registration is now under way for summer and fall classes at Glen Oaks Community College, and students can take advantage of an increase in on-campus classes.

“Prior to the pandemic, we would typically start fall semesters with about 85 % of our classes in the traditional, face-to-face format,” said Michael Goldin, vice-president of academics. “This fall, nearly half of our classes are being held in-seat, while the remainder are being offered in online, hybrid or synchronous formats.”

“While many students are ready to be back to class in person, we serve a number of different populations,” said Goldin, “and there is now a segment of our students who have gained a comfort level with and prefer the online formats. “Typically, these are the adult students who are trying to work around jobs, childcare and family issues.”

Since last March, the college has offered most of its classes in online and hybrid formats, except for a few skilled trades and lab classes.

“We began the Fall 2020 semester with about 45% of our classes in-seat, and our faculty had to be in a position to convert those classes back to online if necessary – which ended up being the case as a result of the state mandate last November,” said Goldin. “Our faculty rose to the occasion — last spring and again last fall. Hopefully, we won’t be in that scenario this fall.”

With vaccinations now offered for the entire Michigan adult population over the next few months, the expectation is that planned in-seat classes will stay in-seat. “We will continue to monitor the state mandates,” said Goldin, “and as of now, the mask requirement and social distancing will stay.”

For the summer semester, a greater number of online courses is offered, although skilled trades, health professions and lab science courses are offered with traditional face-to-face components.