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Glen Oaks to continue online learning through semester

Glen Oaks Community College has made plans to continue online delivery of classes through the end of the winter semester in response to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We feel this move is in the best interest of our students and the Glen Oaks community,” said Michael Goldin, VP of Academics. “For most classes, students will be able to complete the coursework by the end of the semester. In classes with lab or clinical components, instructors will have their students continue with work that can be done online; then during the Summer  2020 semester, students will be able to complete the remaining components. Our instructors are working individually with students experiencing difficulties accessing the internet, by being flexible and creating alternative plans and deadlines so they may complete course requirements.”

For students who are dual enrolled in Glen Oaks classes at their high schools, the college continues to offer online delivery and will coordinate decisions about resuming face-to-face instruction when schools reopen.

“We will continue to support students through online instruction and student services,” said Tonya Howden, VP of Student Services. “We applaud our students, faculty and staff as they continue to meet the challenge of online learning, teaching and providing the necessary online services during this time.”