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Associate of Applied Science in Nursing: LPN to RN Track

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The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree qualifies the graduate to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) in Nursing at the Registered Nurse (RN) level. When the graduate successfully passes the examination, the nursing graduate will be licensed as a Registered Nurse by the State Board of Nursing.

This program prepares you to take the NCLEX exam in the state of Michigan. Graduates who want to practice in other states should review those requirements via that Board of Nursing. For Board of Nursing requirements in other states, please see the NCSBN website.

The LPN to RN track is designed for Practical Nurses with current licensure. Admission into the AASN program requires current LPNs to apply for the nursing program and successfully complete NUR 204 – Nursing Role Transitions course with a minimum of 2.5.

Those who pass NUR 204 are moved into open seats in the 2nd year of the AASN program.

Priority is given to students based on the following criteria:

  1. Final grade in NUR 204
  2. Previous GOCC graduate (PN Certificate)
  3. In-district resident
  4. Date nursing application received

NUR 204 – Nursing Role Transition is offered in the winter semester. Students moving into the AASN program will begin the following fall semester.

Required Credential

Practical Nurse Certificate or Licensure at least 30 Credits†


Communication (6 credit hours)

**ENG 121 English Composition* †3 Credits/3 Contacts
ENG 122 English Composition* †3 Credits/3 Contacts


Humanities/Social Science (4 credit hours)

**PSY 101 Psychology* †4 Credits/4 Contacts


Mathematics/Natural Sciences (11 credit hours)

**BIO 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology I* †4 Credits/6 Contacts
**BIO 211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II* †4 Credits/6 Contacts


Required Courses

NUR 204 Nursing Role Transition 2 Credits/5 Contacts
NUR 211 Medical/Surgical Nursing II 6 Credits/9 Contacts
NUR 218 Mental Health Nursing 3 Credits/6 Contacts
NUR 219 Pharmacology III 2 Credits/2 Contacts
NUR 221 Medical/Surgical Nursing III 5 Credits/8 Contacts
NUR 224 Family Nursing 6 Credits/9 Contacts
NUR 230 Professional Issues in Nursing 2 Credits/2 Contacts
Total: at least 60 Credits
*Course has prerequisite(s).
** Courses typically transferred in from the student’s LPN program. Appropriate substitutions may be approved upon request.
† Some of the 30 credit-hour block corresponding to the Practical Nurse certificate contains program prerequisites listed above

All courses taken at GOCC that apply towards the degree must be completed with a grade of 2.5 or higher.

Admission Requirements

All applicants holding a Practical Nurse license must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the NUR 204 Nursing Role Transition course with a grade of 2.5 or higher
  • Submit a completed Nursing program application to the Nursing Division office
  • Submit a copy of the applicant’s current Michigan LPN license to the Nursing Division office
  • Submit a letter from an employer confirming a minimum of 540 hours of employment as an LPN within the past year. Individuals who do not meet the employment requirements may meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss options.
  • Submit one reference letter from the applicant’s nurse supervisor, which speak to the applicant’s professionalism and clinical competence
  • Complete the Dosage Calculation exam
  • Be placed into an open seat in the Nursing Program

Admission to Nursing Program

Students who complete NUR 204 with a 2.5 or higher will be accepted into available open seats in the second year of the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing based on the following criteria:

  1. Highest NUR 204 Course Grade
  2. Previous GOCC Nursing Program Graduate (PN Certificate)
  3. In-District Resident
  4. Date Nursing Application Received

Program Requirements

  • Students may not enroll in NUR 204 until they have met with the Director of Nursing.
  • Students accepted into the program must receive a grade of 2.5 or higher in each required course taken at GOCC.
  • Students who receive any final grades below 2.5 in a course will not be allowed to progress until they have made up their deficiencies by repeating the course(s) and earning at least a 2.5 final grade.
  • If a student fails two courses in the nursing curriculum (could be the same course), they are dismissed from the program and shall not be readmitted.
  • Any student who leaves the program for any reason cannot be guaranteed readmission.


Scope & Sequence:

Winter 1 Fall 1 Winter 2
NUR 204 ENG 122 NUR 221
NUR 211 NUR 224
NUR 218 NUR 230
NUR 219


Tuition is calculated on contact hours.

Current/Updated: 5/13/2021