CCS-Ps are coding practitioners who specialize in physician-based settings such as physician offices, group practices, multi-specialty clinics, or specialty centers. They review patient records and possess in-depth knowledge of the CPT coding system and familiarity with the ICD-10-CM and HCPCS Level II coding systems. They are experts in health information documentation, data integrity, and quality and play a critical role in a health provider’s business operations for data submitted to insurance companies or the government for expense reimbursement.

This program offers the knowledge and skills to sit for both the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Office – CCS-P (AHIMA) and/or the Certified Coding Specialist- CCS (AHIMA) American Health Information Management Association and meets the education eligibility requirements as outlined by that association.


Required Coursework

 ALH 111 Diagnostic Coding*  3 credits
 ALH 205 Pharmacology*  3 credits
 ALH 210 Procedural Coding*  3 credits
 ALH 218 Medical Terminology*  3 credits
 ALH 222 Disease Conditions*  3 credits
 ALH 240 Insurance Claims Processing*  3 credits
 ALH 250 Medical Law & Bioethics*  3 credits
 ALH 280 Coding Specialist Practicum*  3 credits
 BIO 101 Human Biology* 4 credits
 BIO 210 Human Anatomy & Physiology I* 4 credits
 BIO 211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II* 4 credits
 BUS 111 Business/Technical Communications* 4 credits
 Total:  32-36 credits
 *Course has a prerequisite


  1. The student must achieve a “C” or 2.0 GPA in all curriculum courses.
  2. Qualifications for the practicum require that students have all course work completed and an overall 2.5 GPA or above.
  3. All instructors must recommend the student for practicum.
  4. The process of determining who will enter the program will be selective.


Winter 2014
Current as: 7/16/14