Motorcycle Safety Program

The Motorcycle Safety Program is closed for the 2021 year. The new schedule for the 2022 season will be published mid March. Please read over the information published on the web site regarding how the classes are run.

The 2021 Motorcycle Safety Program will be conducted through Glen Oaks Community College. We encourage folks to register early. Class size is limited to 8 participants. As you will see on the on–line registration form, the classes will take place at Glen Oaks Community College, 62249 Shimmel Road, Centreville MI 49032 (see “Class Times & Schedule” below for more class info).

**Registration will be a first come, first serve basis for we cannot hold a class or put you on a waiting list, and can only be done on line. NO REGISTRATIONS will be collected at the college. If you do not have a computer, check with your local community library for access to a computer. You will need to use Pay Pal for payment. Do not use your smart phone to register. You only need to sign-up for one class.

Glen Oaks Community College
62249 Shimmel Road, Centreville MI 49032

Class is held on south side of parking lot

Course Offerings

We offer (10) Basic Rider Classes for the very beginner and one (1) Returning Rider class for riders with experience.

*Class Times & Schedule

Online Registration Required

Pay Via PayPal


We will offer classes beginning in May and ending in July. Classes take place, rain or shine.

For 2021 we offer all of the motorcycle education courses for a fee of $50 by Pay Pal only. We will not accept cash, checks or money order payments. (NO REFUNDS). We will not accept registrations or payments by mail, in person at the college, at the class site or any other method except by our on-line registration process.

Motorcycle with reflection underneath

Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) will help you learn the physical and mental skills required to enjoy riding to the fullest. You must be able to balance a two-wheel bicycle before riding a motorcycle in this course.
The classroom activities introduce the mental and perceptual processes needed to be a good rider and show you how to process information and make safe decisions. The riding sessions have you practice basic control that includes clutch and throttle coordination, straight-line riding, stopping, turning, and shifting. Also included are quicker stops, curves, and swerves. It is important not only to be healthy, but to have enough fitness, strength, and coordination to learn well and manage the physical demands of riding a motorcycle.

BRC Class Times & Schedule

The Basic Rider Classes start on either a Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on what date you signed up for, both classes start at 7:00 am ending at 5:00 pm. Range instruction takes place on Saturday and Sunday using the programs training motorcycles. You only need to sign-up for one class. No standbys will be allowed in the class.

To ensure your safety, our staff’s safety, and to meet the requirements of the Michigan Safe Restart program, you will be required to wear face masks while you are in the program any time you will be within 6 feet of another person.

There are approximately 1.5 hours of the class where you will be sitting down working on activities and later taking a written test where we know that will occur. When you are riding the training motorcycles you will be wearing your helmet and we will not require you to wear a mask unless you want to. Bandanas are considered an acceptable “mask” covering.

You will be required to complete a GOCC health screening formPDF icon and an MSF screening formPDF icon. If you have the ability to print them at home and complete them, it will save you time when checking in for the class. These completed forms are a requirement to participate in the training class.

Please bring a portable chair to sit on for the range class.

Please bring water and a snack for yourself.

Please bring a pen to use.

Please make sure you review the list you received when you registered regarding clothing for the program. Rain suits are allowed.

  • Note: At the end of each class period we will be sanitizing the motorcycles for your safety.

If you believe you cannot participate in the class because you cannot agree to the information listed above, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CLASS! Your fee will not be refunded.

A variety of 125cc, 250cc, 500 cc motorcycles are provided for the BRC as well as classroom materials. All students must provide a DOT approved helmet, gloves, ankle high boots (no tennis shoes), and long sleeved shirt/jacket, long sturdy pants. These are required for the class. Rain gear is optional. Lunch and supper are not provided. Classes take place, rain or shine.

Returning Rider Course

Motorcycle with reflection underneath

This course is for riders who have not been riding for some time or who have been riding on a permit for a time and wish to renew/refresh their basic skills and/or earn a skill test (endorsement or license) waiver for a motorcycle. The course is not intended for a novice rider who is learning to ride for the first time. You must be 18 years or older to register for RRC.

Goals for the course include improving techniques, and gaining more knowledge of risk, including how to manage risk while riding. The classroom is approximately 3 hours including time for the knowledge test. The range session is approximately 5 hours including the skill evaluation. It uses screening exercises to verify the riders’ basic skills. Riders who cannot demonstrate minimum riding proficiency fairly quickly will not be allowed to continue and will be counseled to enroll in a Basic Rider Course.

RRC Class Times & Schedule

The Returning Rider Course (RRC) will take place on Saturday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.. A variety of 125cc, 250cc, 500 cc motorcycles are provided for the RRC as well as classroom materials. All students must provide a DOT approved helmet, gloves, ankle high boots (no tennis shoes), and long sleeved shirt/jacket, long sturdy pants. These are required for the class. Rain gear is optional.

Lunch and supper are not provided. Class takes place, rain or shine.

The Prerequisite eCourse

Line of Motorcycles parked next to each other.

Please read over the sample information regarding the eCourse. We will send you exact information 30 days before class.

In an email you will find information to complete your required Basic eCourse course. This course is due prior to attending the Basic Rider Course or Returning Rider Course.

Please follow these steps to complete your Basic eCourse:

  • The eCourse takes approximately (3) three hours to complete. You may do it in segments, if you choose. When you exit the eCourse, the system automatically marks where you left off. The next time you log in, it will continue from where you left off.
  • You are not limited to three hours to complete the course – you may take as long as you like.
  • You are allowed six attempts to successfully complete the eCourse. If you are not successful all six times, you must re-register and pay $19.99 out of pocket to take the eCourse again.
  • The final portion of the eCourse is a video. You are required to watch the video before your certificate can be printed (so do not skip it.)Remember that you must successfully complete your eCourse before attending your Rider Course. You will not be allowed in to take the class without the successful completion. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Register Online

  • Click on the link you were provided within the email you received
  • Fill out all the Student Information, then enter your Promotional Code (your Promotional Code will be included in the email with the link to the eCourse)
  • After completing your registration, check your email. You will be sent a confirmation email with your username and password


NOTE: The Basic eCourse is Windows compatible only, meaning it will not work on a tablet (like an iPad) or Mobile Phone. If you do not have access to a Windows compatible device, you may use a computer here at GOCC in the library or use your local library. Our GOCC library hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Thursday, closed on Friday and Saturday.

The staff at the college will not be able to assist you with any technical issue or program questions. You will have to contact the MSF eCourse Support Desk for assistance.


MSF eCourse Support Desk
Phone: (949) 727-3227 x3158

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm (PST)


  • Do NOT pay for the course if you cannot complete the eCourse requirement. If you do, we cannot offer you a refund.
  • Do NOT share your Promotional Code – it is unique to you.

Make sure you print your certificate and bring to your Rider Course – without it, you will not be able to attend the class. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Standby Registrations

Before you start the On-line Standby registration: Please be certain that you understand the requirements and will be able to complete all course requirements and dates/times and have access to a computer, a Pay Pal account for payment and be able to scan your current driver’s license.

Standby’s are welcome at the beginning of each class.

The requirements of a Standby:

  1. Need to have completed the eCourse
  2. Paid the $50 registration fee (Mandatory) (Non-refundable)
  3. Have waiver forms signed

The way this will work is that if you sign up for May Standby, you can show up to the all classes in May in hope that someone has not shown up for that class. The instructor will then allow you in the class.

If there is an opening, and there are 3 of you as standby’s, the instructor will have a list with the date and time you registered, that will determine who will be allowed into the class. In this example, three people have shown up for the May 8th class:

John Smith – Registered on April 30 @ 8:15 am

Joan Looks – Registered on April 30 @ 2:00 pm

Jim Late- Registered on May 1 @ 9:00 am

John Smith would be the one allowed to take the class. Joan and Jim can come the next day, May 9th and try their luck then.

Standby Registration Spot Availability

May Standby registration (5)
June Standby registration (5)

All Standby spots will be on a first come, first serve basis. Once all Standby spots have been filled, we will not be accepting any further registrations.

Course Dates

This is the Course Dates schedule for the 2021 season:


Saturday, April 24th
Sunday, April 25th
Saturday, May 1st
Sunday, May 2nd
Saturday, May 8th
Sunday, May 9th

Saturday, May 15th
Sunday May 16th
Saturday, June 5th
Sunday, June 6th
Saturday, June 12th

Sunday, June 13th
Saturday June 19th
Sunday, June 20th
Saturday, June 26th
Sunday, June 27th


Saturday, July 10th

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you must cancel your registration, no refunds are allowed. Before you start the on-line registration, please be certain that you will be able to complete all course requirements and dates/times and have access to a computer, a Pay Pal account for payment and be able to scan your current driver’s license.


Can I transfer to a different course date?

No. Transfers are not allowed. If you cannot attend the course that you registered for, you will need to cancel that registration by phone at (269) 294-4276 or message Paul Aivars and then re-register for another course, paying for that course as well.

Can I send another person in my place?

No, you may not send another person in your place.

Why are there no refunds or transfers?

We offer this low-cost program as a courtesy to the community. It is sponsored by a grant from the Michigan Department of State. This program is staffed on a limited, part-time basis and therefore administrative levels prevent us from allowing refunds and transfers.

If you have questions please contact Paul Aivars, Director of Business Outreach and Services for Glen Oaks Community College, by phone at (269) 294-4276 or by email