Gifting Opportunities

Support the Mission
Your gift to the Glen Oaks Community College Foundation can help make a student’s dream of a quality education come true. You can make a gift in a number of ways that may fit your giving preference while benefiting you and Glen Oaks Community College. The options listed below offer different tax advantages for different donors. Gifts by cash or check, stock, real estate, or gifts in your will, are all welcomed.


Remember….. Glen Oaks Community College is State assisted, not State supported

Outright Gift of Cash or Check
Such a gift is simple to make and immediately effective. All cash gifts qualify for a federal income tax deduction for donors who itemize on their tax return.

Gifts can be made to the GOCC Foundation at any time by mail

Scholarship Development
One of the primary missions of the Glen Oaks Community College Foundation is to develop scholarship funds. Over the past six years the GOCC Foundation has doubled the number and amount of our scholarships. We will assist donors in sculpting a scholarship that reflects the donors intent and interest to assist and benefit students. Donors have significant input as to preferences and criteria related to student eligibility for their scholarship.
Scholarship Establishment Form

Matching Gifts
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employers. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy visit your personnel office.

In Kind Gifts
While rare, In-Kind Gifts are considered for acceptance by the Board of Directors. Such gifts may also qualify for tax deductions and/or credits.

Appreciated Property
Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., that have appreciated in value since their purchase continue to be an attractive gift vehicle for many donors. Such gifts can qualify for federal income tax deductions and can minimize a donor’s capital gains tax liability.

Planned Gifts
Some individuals may wish to make a substantial commitment to Glen Oaks Community College but also wish to continue receiving income from their assets. The Glen Oaks Foundation can work with such donors to help them accomplish their objectives while helping this campaign.

Multiple-Year Pledges
Donors may desire to support a college program or activity utilizing a multi-year pledge. Donors who make multiple-year pledges will be sent pledge reminders monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the wishes of the donor.

Other Arrangements
It is impossible to list every gift alternative or arrangement on this website. If a donor desires to propose a project, program, or activity, please contact the Glen Oaks Foundation at 62249 Shimmel Road, Centreville, Michigan 49032 or (269) 294-4384 or Toll Free 1-866-412-4567 for more information and assistance.

A Gift of any size can really make a difference
$10,000 or more, payable outright or over five years, can set up an endowed fund
$3,500 covers tuition, fees and books for one full-time student for one year
$1,700 provides tuition, fees and books for one part-time student for one year
$1,000 can create a named annually funded restricted scholarship
$270 covers tuition for a student for one (3 credit hour) class
$100 can purchase a book for a student who cannot afford books