Glen Oaks Community College


What is an apprenticeship?

A system of career preparation for those careers that do not lend themselves to preparation by classroom setting alone.

  • Combines on-the-job learning and formal education.
  • Provides structured learning, advancement and progressive compensation.
  • Driven by a sponsoring employer.
Carpenter Training Male Apprentice To Use Mechanized Saw
  • Endorsed by and registered with the U.S. Department of Labor
  • Includes program choices from over 900 occupations.
  • Are both union and non-union; the rules are the same for either group.

How does an employer start an apprenticeship program?

Contact your location Department of Labor (DOL) Representative. To find out who that is, contact Glen Oaks Department of Business Services. Your DOL Representative will help you:

  • Select the appropriate occupation.
  • Work to establish classroom hours and who will provide the training.
  • Develop a schedule of on-the-job hours.
  • Establish progressive training wage.
  • Create document to register the program with the DOL.

Where can I get more information?