Part-Time Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Part-Time Faculty Teaching
Excellence Award

2015Patricia Jesaitis
2016Stewart Nickell
2017Michael White
2018Carol Weatherford
2019Bethany Chambers
2020Marlene Livingston
2021Nick Shultz
Larry Engle, Erin Strang and Mike Miller
The 2017 inductees into the Glen Oaks Athletic Hall of Fame from left are: Larry Engle, Erin Strang and Mike Miller. Congratulations to all.
Glen Oaks Community College Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

2015Kenneth Schuler
2016Amie Burger
2016Phyllis Cupp
2017Larry Engle
2017Erin Strang
2017Mike Miller
2018Terry Conklin
2019Tom Soper
2020C. B. Gordon
2020Joel Mishler
Distinguished Alumni Award

Alumni Award

2002Viola Schuler
2003David Locey
2004Charles Frisbie
2005Kathy Bingaman
2006Daisy Allabach
2007Craig Hartzell
2011Hope Bailey
2012Bruce Gosling
2015Terry Conklin
2016Perri Saunders
2017Marc Zona

2018Chris Gosling
2019Didimo Arreola
2020Larry Wingfield
2021Rod Lopez

Service Award

1999Thomas Soper
1999Cassandra Major
2000Shayna Howell
2001Ed Chobot
2001Barbara Thole
2001Lucy Zimmerman
2002Annie Webster
2003Richard Wedemeyer
2015Tammy Russell
2016Patricia Oswalt
2017Kathleen Patrick
2018Amanda Ludwig
2019Judy Fetch
2020Larry Diekman
2021Julie Cottin
Glen Oaks Community College Fellows Award

Fellows Award

1999Robert Mowry
1999Eugene Schmidt
1999Isabel Ward
1999Glenn Oxender
2000Sen. Harry Gast
2001Rep. Cameron Brown
2002Lyda Nickell
2003Frances Frays
2004Barry Mumby
2005Gretchen Dresser
2006Mary Lou Falkenstein
2006Natalie Bellaire
2007Taylor and Mary Snow
2008Jeffrey Middleton
2009Terry Conklin
2010Hope Bailey
2013T.J. Reed
2015David Smith
2015Ruth Perry
2016Lucy Zimmerman
2016Tom Soper
2017Dr. Dennis McCarthy
2018David Allen
2019Norman Haas
2021Aaron Miller
E.J. Shaheen Chair for Teaching Excellence Award

E.J. Shaheen Chair for
Teaching and Excellence Award

1985Ronald Miazga
1986Thomas Soper
1987David Greenhoe
1988Daryl Herrman
1989Donald VanZuilen
1990Barbara Timby
1991Lucy Morgan
1992Leland Thornton
1993Charles Hayes
1994Robert Gray
1995James Martin
1996Sharon Smith
1997Thomas Soper
1998Harvey Gordon
1999Jeanne Reed
2000John Ward
2001Larry Haas
2002Susan Reardon
2003Bill Lederman
2004Janell Lederman
2005Susan Reardon
2006Kevin Gave
2007Judy Demink
2008Jim Martin (posthumously)
2009Ren Hartung
2010Chad Worthington
2011Dr. Lester Keith
2012Michael Northrup
2013Steve Ryno
2014Michelle McNamara
2015Pamela Carrel
2016William Furr
2017Sarah Simmons
2018Cheryl VanderPloeg
2019Reid Leaverton
2020Bill Lederman
2021Kevin Conner