Glen Oaks Community College

College Council


For maintaining accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission, in 2000, Glen Oaks began an innovative process called the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP).

At an AQIP Strategic Forum in January 2005, Glen Oaks participants identified needs of the college, including the need for improved internal communication and the need for a revised strategic planning process.

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To address these needs, Glen Oaks has begun a new model for strategic planning, implementation, internal communication called the College Council.


The College Council is a representative body of the College whose purpose is to develop, align and integrate planning processes to facilitate positive change in the institution and to model continuous quality and improvement.


  • Develop and provide oversight for the Strategic Plan
  • Identify, prioritize, and coordinate specific strategies for implementation
  • Create Core Strategy Teams
  • Assess, coordinate, prioritize and adopt Core Strategies
  • Monitor institutional effectiveness and quality improvement initiatives
  • Serve as a communication and recommendation forum


If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions that you would like addressed, please submit them via Etrieve. For your request to be considered, please submit by no later than 4 PM, two (2) days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

*Note: Requests can be submitted anonymously.

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College Council Officers
  • Chad Worthington: Psychology/College Council Facilitator (2026)
  • Jennifer Dodson: Controller/College Council Recorder (2025)
Leadership Team
  • Dr. David Devier: College President (Permanent Council Member)
  • Dr. Tammy Russell: Executive Director of Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research/Accreditation Liaison Officer (Permanent Council Member)
  • Dr. Adam Cloutier: Vice President of Academics (Permanent Council Member)
  • Tonya Howden: Vice President of Students (2024)
  • Carol Weatherford: English (2024)
  • Michelle McNamara: Communications (2025)
  • Pam Carrel: Nursing (2026)
Adjunct Faculty
  • Lauren Weiderman (2024)
  • Jennifer Mick (2024)
Mid-Level Administrators
  • Amber Gerth: Disability Support Services Coordinator (2025)
  • Rachel Templin: Student Success & International Student Advisor (2024)
  • Danielle Easterday: Admission Representative (2026)
GOSSE (Glen Oaks Support Staff Employees)
  • Kayla Bachinski: Financial Aid Assistant (2025)
  • Clarice Green: Assistant to the VP of Academics/Faculty (2024)
  • Dan Scott: Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance (2026)
Student Representative
  • Marcus Broom (2024)
  • Brayleigh Butts (2024)