Glen Oaks Community College

Mission, Vision, & Values


The mission of Glen Oaks Community College is to provide opportunities for academic and lifelong success through excellence in teaching and comprehensive support services that meet our community’s diverse educational needs.


Transforming Lives and Advancing Communities

Values - "Glen Oaks CARES"

C – Communication and Civility:
Glen Oaks values the open and responsible exchange of ideas. We uphold the importance of interacting in ways that demonstrate caring, civility, and respect while encouraging improved models for using technology to connect and improve the linkages among individuals and communities.
A – Access and Academic Success:
Glen Oaks values having an open door to all students and believes that appropriate support is vital to the success of all students. Holding students and ourselves to high expectations, we celebrate learning within an educationally transformative environment: one that embraces diverse perspectives and creates meaningful connections between students, faculty, and student affairs professionals.
R – Responsiveness and Service:
Glen Oaks values targeted actions to address community needs and internal needs. Recognizing that existing needs change dynamically, we value the role of the college in helping our communities prepare for the future as they develop, succeed and prosper.
E – Ethical Conduct and Transparency:
Glen Oaks values acting on the basis of mutual respect. We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve and seek to model integrity in all we do. Information related to the college and its performance is understood as public and is made accessible and transparent.
S – Sustainability and Stewardship:
Glen Oaks values the ability to acquire, develop, use, and manage resources to sustain the college’s mission. We exercise appropriate control over the college’s human, financial, and academic and support services, and physical plant as essential to effective public stewardship.