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with Aim to Complete!

Discover How Your Learning Journey Can Lead to Financial Bonuses

We get it. Life is hard. On top of school, you have a job, bills to pay, and relationships to manage…it can all be overwhelming. That’s where Aim to Complete comes in. Think of the Aim to Complete program as a helping hand to guide you on your educational journey and help you accomplish what you set out to do! Plus, you can earn some extra cash along the way!

How Does the Aim to Complete Program Work?

Step 1

Are You 21 or Older?

Then you're eligible for the Aim to Complete program — no strings attached. Get started by talking to an advisor.
Step 2

Set Yourself Up for Success

Complete activities that will set you up for success, such as creating an academic plan with your advisor, taking a career workshop, and meeting with a tutor.
Step 3

Earn Extra Money

Earn cash rewards for completing the activities. Yes! You earn cash for doing things to help yourself succeed.

Let’s make every step towards your diploma pay off—literally!

Don’t wait to take advantage of this program. Get started earning your extra money now!
Aim to Complete is funded through the Office of Sixty by 30 Adult Student Success Grant. Funds are available until expended.